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Rush Trampoline Parks Ltd Travel Policy

Rush (High Wycombe) Ltd is located within the Cressex Business Park and is bound by Coronation Road to the east, Turnpike Road to the south and New Road to the west. High Wycombe town centre is located approximately 3 kilometres north of the site. Although located within an industrial area, Rush is well located within High Wycombe being within walking distance of a large residential catchment area.

Figure 1, below, illustrates the location of Rush.

Map showing where Rush UK High Wycombe is located

Local Highway Network

Rush benefits from excellent road connections; Junction 4 of the M40 is located to the south of the site, which provides access to Birmingham to the north west and London to the east. In addition, the A404 connects the site to Maidenhead and the M4 to the south and High Wycombe town centre to the north.

Rush has two existing vehicular access points on Coronation Road and on Turnpike Road. Coronation Road is a two-way carriageway that connects to Cressex Road / Cressex Link to the south and Lancaster Road to the north.Coronation Road’s junction with Cressex Road / Cressex Link is a fully signalised crossroad junction. Turnpike Road is a two-way carriageway that connects to New Road (A4010) to the west and Coronation Road to the east. Turnpike Road’s junction with Coronation Road is a T-junction where traffic on Coronation Road has priority and the junction with New Road is also a T-junction where traffic on New Road has priority.


The publication Guidelines for Providing Journeys on Foot (Institute of Highways and Transportation, 2000) provides thresholds for commuting, school and recreational journeys, with a maximum distance of 2 kilometres, and desirable and acceptable distances of 500 metres and 1,000 metres respectively. Rush recognises that a person’s willingness to walk is dependent on many factors including access to a car, safety, road congestion, weather, gradients, parking, health, direction of route, and purpose of journey.

There is a high density of residential dwellings within 2 kilometres of Rush which presents a realistic opportunity for Rush customers to access the site by foot. Pedestrian infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of Rush is good with footways provided on both sides of the carriageway that are of a standard width (in the range of 1.5 to 2 metres) and street lighting columns are provided at regular intervals. Specific pedestrian crossing infrastructure includes a zebra crossing that is located adjacent to the site on Coronation Road and push-button pedestrian facilities that are installed at the signal controlled junction of Coronation Road and Cressex Road. Table 2 sets out details of approximate distances between Rush and existing local amenities.

Table showing distances from bus stops to Rush UK High Wycombe


Guidance on cycling can be found in ‘Cycle Friendly Infrastructure’ guidelines published by the Institution of Highways and Transportation. This guidance highlights previous research by the DfT that three quarters of all journeys are less than 5 miles (8 kilometres) of which 60% are by car. The guidelines highlight that there is a “substantial potential for substituting cycling for driving” for distances up to 5 miles.

Rush (High Wycombe) Ltd will be providing 8 cycle parking spaces for both staff and customer use. Much of High Wycombe is within 5 miles distance of Rush; therefore, there is scope for the uptake of this sustainable mode by Rush customers.

Public Transport

Table 3 provides a summary of bus services available near the site. The relevant bus stops for customers travelling to or from the site by bus are located on New Road, approximately 400 metres west of the site and on Coronation Road, approximately 200 metres south of the site. Route 32 operates between Micklefield and High Wycombe whilst services on route PR1 operate between the Cressex Park & Ride site and High Wycombe town centre.

Table summarising bus routes in High Wycombe to Rush UK

National Rail Services

High Wycombe railway station is located approximately 3.2 kilometres north of the site. The current off-peak services from the station are:

  • 5 trains per hour to London Marylebone
  • 1 train per hour to Birmingham Snow Hill
  • 1 train per hour to Princes Risborough
  • 1 train per hour to Bicester North
  • 1 train per hour to Banbury


Although Cressex Business Park is located outside of High Wycombe’s town centre, Rush’s location is within a reasonable walking and cycling distance of a significant number of residential dwellings. Rush also benefits from being within a reasonable distance from a number of bus stops. Figure 4, below, illustrates an approximate 1.5 kilometre catchment from the site which equates to a 15 to 20 minute walk or a 5 minute cycle. Therefore, there is scope for both Rush customers to access the site by sustainable modes.

Map of Cressex Business Park

Travel Plan Management

Rush (High Wycombe ) Ltd has appointed a Travel Plan Co-ordinator (TPC) – Martin Weddell, who is the General Manager of the site. The primary responsibility of the TPC is to act as the point of contact for information Rush customers. Regular updating of this Travel Policy document is also part of the responsibility of the TPC.


Walking There are a number of inherent advantages that will encourage Rush customers to walk to the site. In summary, these are:

  • A significant number of our customers live within walking distance.
  • There is a good network of footways in the local area.
  • There are good pedestrian routes to other neighbouring facilities.

Noticeboards will be erected showing the most direct routes to the site. The TPC will identify, through discussion with our staff and customers, where possible, problems with external pedestrian routes and will liaise with the Local Planning and Highway Authority to encourage maintenance of all pedestrian routes to a high standard and discuss with the Local Planning Authority any further improvements to pedestrian routes and linkages. For example, they will seek to identify any particular safety hazards, poorly lit areas, etc.

Green Travel

Please refer to – – for the environmental benefits of green travel.


Our customer specific cycle promotions include the following:

  • Promotion of the health benefits of cycling; and
  • Cycle routes and other cycling information provided on notice boards inside the facility.

Public Transport

There are a number of bus services that operate in the vicinity, as detailed earlier in this Travel Policy. General information on public transport services and taxi services will be available, located on noticeboards inside the facility. In addition, here is a useful list of web link to maps and timetable information:

Personalised Travel Planning

Please refer to For journey planning advice to Rush .

Review and Action Plan

The following will be monitored by the TPC on a regular basis:

  • The level of usage and condition of the cycle stands;
  • The detail and information provided on the noticeboards inside the facility.

In addition, the TPC will undertake some monitoring of customer numbers, their travel modes and parking demand for 2 weekdays and 2 Saturdays during the first 12-months of operation to identify if any further initiatives are required. The TPC will review this Travel Policy on a regular basis to ensure it remains up-to-date. The Review will include updates to the Noticeboard inside the facility and on Rush’s website to ensure their content remains relevant.

Other Incentives
Rush (High Wycombe) Ltd would like to incentivise its customers to use sustainable modes of travel. We offer free drinks vouchers for customers who can provide a valid bus ticket or other suitable proof of public transport use or who have ridden a cycle.