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Incorporate a fun, energy-building exercise into your lesson plan.

Swap times tables for trampolines, the whiteboard for the Wipeout and fractions for foam pit. Rush can add a dynamic twist to your PE Lessons!

Rush Trampoline Park provides powerful learning experiences which helps young people to be ready the challenges of school, work and life. Learning is most effective when activities are both enjoyable and challenging, and when they are chosen to match the needs of individuals and the intended outcomes. So, whether you lesson is focused on developing the generic skills associated with Physical Activity or understanding the basic laws of physics, spending a day at Rush is an ideal facility that can help you achieve this.

Students will be exposed to a variety of activities providing them the opportunity to:

  • Apply learned fundamental skills.
  • Utilise physical activity as a tool to manage stress.
  • Empower themselves by setting and working toward realistic individual goals.
  • Participate in a motivating and nurturing environment resulting in a greater sense of well-being and self-esteem.
  • Participate in active learning to stimulate continued inquiry about physical education, health and fitness.

Since opening we have strived to be an industry leader in Park Operations and Health and Safety. Our parks meet the following criteria;

  • PAS 5000 Compliant
  • IAPT (International Association of Trampoline Parks) Member
  • BAPA Member
  • LOTC Accreditation *Pending
  • All Court Monitors Level 1 Qualified *Pending
  • Qualified First Aiders
  • BAPA/LOTC approved Risk Acknowledgment form

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What we have to offer;

Dodgeball – Dodge, duck and dive, the rules are simple: grab a ball, pick a side and start jumping.

Assault Course - Combining elements of parkour, climbing and rope equipment, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind obstacle adrenaline rush Assault Course guaranteed to get those competitive juices flowing!

Wipeout - Fancy a challenge whilst having a laugh with your friends? Head for the Rush Wipeout and attempt to jump over or duck under the rotating arms as they speed up. Be warned, its addictive and much harder than it looks! Take your eye off the ball for a moment and you could be literally knocked off your feet – don’t worry the landing is soft!

Rush Arena - Perfect for five-a-side football, zorb football, target games, penalty shootouts. The Rush Arena also has a 13.5m air-track spring floor - making it great for tricking and gymnastics.

Foam Pits - Feel the rush as you jump, flip, twist or vault into our foam pit and land in thousands of foam cubes.

Battle Beams - Take on your friends in an epic one-on-one duel surrounded by a foam pit to break your fall! Let the games begin...

Tumble Lanes - A fantastic place to hone your gymnastic talents and tumbling abilities. Whether you are a complete beginner, a seasoned gymnast or even the British Tumbling Champion, our three tumble lanes offer the perfect opportunity to practice somersaults and flips through the air, over and over and over again.

Trapeze - The ultimate adrenaline-pumping activity, you’ll love our trapeze. Soar through the skies on our trapeze, safe in the knowledge that we have a whole load of foam to break your fall.

Slam dunk Basketball - With our hydraulic basketball net and super-bouncy trampoline runway you can perfect your technique and dunk like a demon – without all the years of training.

High Performance Area - offers an exhilarating experience. Our powerful professional trampolines have been designed to achieve maximum rebound and send you higher than you’ve ever been before. Our stunt walls give you everything you need to take it to the next level, and master freestyle flips and tricks.

Roles and Responsibilities

Rush Trampoline Parks will;

  • Provide Legal Requirements and Park information including Risk Assessment
  • Provide Arrival and site access information
  • Capture Key Learning Objectives and agree how Rush will help achieve these.
  • Information in changing/ cancelling your booking.
  • Distribute evaluation forms at the end of the experience

[School/ Organisation] will;

  • Communicate Learning Objectives.
  • Provide accurate information on number of Students and Staff attending.
  • Provide any allergen or medial requirements.
  • Communicate any dietary requirements.
  • Communicate any Religious or Cultural considerations.
  • Communicate any Special needs requirements.

Provide adequate supervision throughout the experience including agreed downtime.

Booking your Trip

Call us on 01494 414128 to check availability and get a tailored quote.

To secure your place we’ll require a (10%) deposit and full payment 10 working days before your event.

If your event is within 10 days full payment will be required.

We want to maximize your educational trip at Rush. Here are some ideas of activities you can run at Rush that are based around our trampolines. These learning resources can offer alternative ways to capture children’s minds to further their learning experience.

Learning Resource Examples

Learning Objective Examples

Fun Games and Ideas

Session Plan Example

Session Plan Template

Downloadable Risk Assessments

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