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Introducing #JUMP2020: created for you by our Fitness Director Jo Edwards, #JUMP2020 is your favourite new fitness programme from 1st January 2020.

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Designed to be done anywhere – at home, in Rush or in the gym, #JUMP2020 is here to get everybody moving their bodies in 2020 with a fun, memorable and simple fitness routine centred around the numbers 2020!

How you can get involved in #JUMP2020:

  • Sign up to our campaign via email before 1st January 2020
  • Watch out for regular emails from Jo with new workouts, motivation tips and ideas to get you moving
  • Follow Jo @joedwardsfitness on instagram or Facebook and the campaign using #JUMP2020 and share your photos and videos with our community
  • Join fitness classes or an open jump session at Rush where all our classes can be booked through the MindBody app or go to the gym or outside onto your own trampoline!

How to do the #JUMP2020 Workout:

It's simple! Aim to do 20 minutes of exercise up to 5 days a week for 20 weeks using the following routine:

20 Jumps – You can choose your jump type and where you jump – i.e on a trampoline (our favourite!) or star jumps on the floor at home.

20 Exercises of your choice – You can choose the area of your body to work (Arms, Legs, Core and Abs) and complete this exercise x 20 times

Repeat up to 20 minutes – Depending on your fitness level and / or the amount of time you have, you repeat the above for up to 20 minutes.

Every time you do the #JUMP2020 fitness approach, remember to change the exercise of your choice so you are working out each area of your body. This is the core of Jo’s fitness approach and she calls it VTT.

What makes #JUMP2020 perfect for you?

Jumping 20 times a day has been proven to make a significant difference to fitness and health, jumping just 20 times a day anywhere on any surface provides greater bone-building benefits than running or jogging.

Jumping also burns calories, blasts fat, builds core body strength and releases endorphins. Jumping also helps to cleanse and detoxify through the lymphatic system.

We all seem to put ourselves under this crazy pressure that we must set-aside at least an hour for each exercise session yet this isn’t always achievable in a busy lifestyle.

The great thing about our #JUMP2020 campaign is that a 20 minute session each day is effective and achievable even in our ever busy world. 20 minutes of exercise can have a significant impact on the body and real lasting benefits. Anyone signing up will also be in with the chance to win a free family jump ticket.

Everyone signing up to #JUMP2020 will also be in with the chance to win a free family jump ticket