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Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Rush Trampoline Park High Wycombe Cafe

Rush isn’t just heaven for kids, it’s a haven for parents too! Our coffee shop was designed with the whole family in mind to refuel after a bounce or grab a meal deal after school… 

Located on an impressive mezzanine floor overlooking the full trampoline park, our cafe is the perfect place to kick back with a coffee while still feeling confident that your kids are safe and having fun!

We offer a range of refreshments to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. Choose from something sweet to grab on the go like our Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tubs, or sit back and enjoy one of our handcrafted coffee drinks and healthy, homemade food.

We like to think we take the “rush” out of after school activities and busy weekends, by providing everything you need in one place, so enjoy it!


What’s Cooking? 

All food in our café is freshly cooked to order, from pizzas and light bites to something more filling like our lasagne or chilli con carne; we also offer a range of vegetarian options too.

Pizzas – £4.95 for a 7 inch or £8.95 for 10 inch 

Choose from one of our delicious toppings below





Spicy Beef, Mozzarella, Red Onion and Pepper (10″ – £8.95)

Spicy Salami and Nduja Sausage with Mozzarella, Onion and Pepper (10″ – £8.95)

Goats Cheese and Mozzarella with red and yellow peppers topped with rocket (10″ – £8.95)

Adult Menu – 

Burger and fries (served with gherkin, cheese and a side salad) – £8.95 large / £6.95 small (20 mins to cook)

Nachos served with guacamole, salsa and sour cream – £6.95

Chilli con carne served with rice, nachos and sour cream – £8.95

Chicken tikka masala served with rice, popadom and pickle – £8.95

Lasagne served with salad and a slice of garlic bread – £8.95

Penne Pasta (served with tomato or pesto sauce and garlic bread) – £6.95

Paninis –   £3.95


Ham and Cheese

Tuna Melt

Freshly Baked & Filled Jacket Potatoes –    £5.95

Choose from cheese, ham, beans, tuna mayonnaise or coronation chicken – add an extra topping for £1.

Light Bites 

Ham and Cheese Toastie – £3.95

Vegetable platter (subject to availability) – £4.95
contains cucumber, peppers, tomatoes and carrots.

Fruit platter (subject to availability) – £5.95
contains oranges, banana, apples, pineapples and watermelon.

Fresh salad boxes – £3.50

Kids Menu – £4.95

Chicken goujons served with chips and peas (20 mins to cook)

Spaghetti Bolognese with a slice of garlic bread

Macaroni Cheese with a slice of garlic bread

Penne Pasta with Tomato sauce and slice of garlic bread

Sandwich box: half a cheese, ham or jam sandwich with a juicy water bottle and urban fruit pack

Portion of chips (20 mins to cook) – £1.95

Scooped ice cream  – £1.00

Hot and Cold Drinks

Iced Latte – £2.85

Cappuccino – £2.65 regular, £2.95 large

Latte – £2.65 regular, £2.95 large

Americano – £2.30 regular, £2.60 large

Espresso (single or double) – £1.90 regular, £2.35 large

Flat White – £2.70 regular, £3.00 large

Mocha – £3.00 regular, £3.30 large

Hot Chocolate – £2.50 regular, £2.80 large

Tea/Fruit Tea – £2.00

Sugar Free Slush Puppies (strawberry, raspberry, lemon and lime) – £2.00

Slush Puppies (range of flavours) £2.00

Juicy Water – £1.25

Cans of pop – £1.50

Water – £1.40

Innocent Smoothies – £2.95

Milkshakes (banana, chocolate or strawberry) – £2.50

Babychino (warm frothy milk) – 55p

Coca Cola/Fanta/Sprite/Diet Coke available from our machine