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Dodgeball at Rush High Wycombe

Dodgeball at Rush UK Trampoline Parks

Dodgeball at Rush High Wycombe is the ultimate airborne team sport, and will leave you with a real thirst for VICTORY.

The rules are simple. If you hit an opponent with a ball, they’re out. Last bouncer standing claims the win for their team.

With our horizontal and angled trampolines, we’re taking dodgeball to the next level – upping the bounce, upping the balls, upping the battle.

Join a game in progress, or book a court and play with a group of friends, it’s up to you.

Ready to get serious? Join our infamous Rush Dodgeball League!

The Rush Dodgeball League runs as a 6-week tournament. Round up seven friends and register your team, for a chance to win lifelong glory (and a cash prize!)

Wednesday night is game night, and (unless you’re playing a match) you’ll have full access to our different activities – not to mention an exclusive invite to the night of the championship. Why not brush up those bouncing skills while you wait?

For more information, or to enter a team, please email or give us a call on 01494 414128

Private Bookings

Fancy a friendly game with your friends, family or colleagues?

Rent one of our dodgeball courts and show them who’s boss!

For a one hour game you pay £6 per person (minimum 8 players), and we provide all your equipment and a referee (Rush non-slip socks are not included).

Let the game begin!

Book your court by giving us a call on 01494 414128


Dodgeball: The Rules

Each team must begin with an even number of players and balls.

Once you’re “out”, you cannot re-enter the game unless a member of your team catches an opponent’s ball.

You’re “out” if:
● You get hit by a live ball
● An opponent catches the ball you just threw
● You cross the central divide
● You hit an opponent in the head with the ball
● You argue with the referee
● You kick the ball
● You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds

You may block a ball with another ball, but if you drop the ball you used to deflect, you’re out.

If a ball bounces off anything (including another player) it is considered “dead”, and will not send you out.

Please note – only Rush sanctioned balls are permitted on the trampoline court.