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Why Visit Rush As A Corporate Team Building Exercise?

Teams are at the centre of almost all businesses. Having a well-oiled team that works well together is something that all managers dream of. But all too often, traditional team building activities are lacking imagination. If you want an entirely unique experience for your next team building day – why not try the fantastic range of activities that we offer at Rush?

Extreme Dodgeball

We’ve all played dodgeball but Extreme Dodgeball is not quite the same – the added mobility of being on a trampoline makes for a fun-filled, sometimes insane experience. If you’re used to flat surfaces and traditional sports pitches, Extreme Dodgeball will push you outside your comfort zone and test muscles you never knew you had! Angled trampoline walls add a whole other dynamic. You can bounce out of the way or jump into the ball’s path to catch the ball. Whatever your approach, your team must work together, communicate well and come up with a strategy to win the game.

The outcome? Teams returning to the office are noticeably more comfortable working together, with improved communication and problem solving skills.

Rush Challenge Course

We’ve created an obstacle course everyone will love. It requires problem solving skills and encourages a healthy dose of competition. It is easy enough that anyone can compete, but not everyone will complete it. The Rush Challenge Course is great for pitting multiple teams against each other and helps your staff understand how they need to support each other when they are struggling.

Climbing Sticks

Climbing high on these giant foam sticks will really test your mettle. The view from the top is awesome and the jump down is exhilarating. Not only will members of your team achieve something special if they make it to the top, there is also a huge trust element in this exercise. Climbing Sticks is a great way to forge bonds between teams, as participants must encourage each other to get to the top and overcome their fears. Expect sustained staff morale when you return to the workplace.

Battle Beam

Our battle beam lets your team release their pent-up aggression Gladiator style. It’s a fun activity that creates healthy competition. Strategy is important in this challenge which means team members must work together as they prepare to do battle. Battling above the foam pit makes sure that it is both fun and safe. And who doesn’t want the chance to beat their boss with a giant foam pole?!   

Skill Level

No matter your team’s fitness levels, Rush has a suitable team building activity for all. There’s no need to be super athletic to partake in any of the above activities. This makes it the perfect day out to strengthen your team.

Are you interested in a team-building day at Rush? Check out our website for more details.

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