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Unique Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is here, and if you haven’t already organised the annual office party then you better hurry! If you’d like to do something a little more productive than getting drunk at the pub, then we’ve got some alternative ideas for you that are equally as fun. The Christmas party is a great place for socialising, and rewarding your staff as a team for all of the hard work they have done over the year.

For managers struggling to think of fun and unusual ideas for a Christmas party to remember, how about trying one of these…

Murder Mystery Night

A murder mystery is a great idea for teambuilding, as people have to work together to try and figure out the mystery. It can also be a fantastic opportunity for fancy dress! Murder mystery nights are usually organised by hotels or event companies, and often include a three course dinner to make for a remarkable night out.

Hospitality Tickets

Why not treat the workforce to some culture or sport? This time of year is great for attending a musical or other performance, or even a local sporting match. Many venues offer hospitality packages for large groups including food and drink so you can all make the most of the evening.

photo of a women pouring a drink

Cook Off

If some of your staff are cooking or baking enthusiasts, then an office cooking party is a fantastic choice. Cookery schools around the country host teambuilding events which could be at the school or they could set up in your office if space allows. Hire professionals to teach workshops in chocolate making, for a festive treat, or gourmet Italian recipes. Afterwards everyone can enjoy the food they’ve made and feel proud about their new skills.

Energetic Teambuilding

Sometimes the best way to let off steam is to burn off some energy. Corporate teambuilding days at Rush are full of fun and bonding! Staff members can get competitive on the Rush challenge course, or work together in teams to play aerial dodgeball. Guaranteed to put a smile on everybody’s face, this is a great ‘dry’ staff party idea.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

This sounds like fun but you haven’t got the time to organise that, right? There are now companies who specialise in creating bespoke treasure hunts for businesses, which start at the office and lead staff to the party venue. It can even include business related questions, virtual presents to send to Santa and photos participants need to take.

Have a great office Christmas party!