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Trampolining: A Great Cardiovascular Workout

When it comes to getting fit and strong, many of us will consider circuit training, swimming, weights and running – but overlook the health benefits of trampolining. This fun and rewarding exercise is not just for kids and, is deserving of a place in your exercise regime, especially if you struggle to stay enthusiastic about regular gym sessions and fitness classes. Trampolining is actually a fantastic cardiovascular workout and will get your heart rate pumping and limbs toned and lithe. The low impact nature of the movement will mean that your joints will be thanking you afterwards too!

Let’s look at some of the many motives to choose trampolining is a fun alternative workout activity to your more typical regimes:


A low impact exercise, trampolining is a smart choice, especially if you suffer from sore knees and ankles. The trampoline absorbs around 80% of the shock before it reaches your joints, meaning they will not be as sore after working out as they would if you ran or jogged for the same length of time. Adding a low impact exercise into your regular fitness routine this can reduce your future risk of illnesses like arthritis and other degenerative conditions.


Many people assume trampolining only works a select few muscles in their bodies. The truth is it has an impact on almost every muscle and joint but is especially beneficial for common problem areas like your mid-section, arms and legs.  In addition to sparking muscle contractions all over your body, trampolining burns a surprisingly high amount of calories per minute even when compared to moderate running and cycling, so you’ll shed that stubborn body fat as well, providing that lean and toned look so many strive for.


Trampolining builds ballet dancer style muscles and this in turn improves your overall balance. It elongates your muscles because of the involvement of gravity and both acceleration and deceleration involved in jumping and landing. Lengthening muscle improves flexibility and can have a significant effect on your balance as you learn to control your body’s movements even at a high intensity.

A Natural Face-Lift

As we age the amount of oxygen in our skin tissue decreases which causes lines and wrinkles to appear. Trampolining is known to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches tissue and provides more elasticity to the skin. This will naturally reduce the appearance of wrinkles because your skin is tighter.

Immune System Booster

The lymph system is vital to preventing illness and infection – trampolining greatly improves circulation within this system. The bouncing motions encourages the recycling and cleaning of blood, which in turn can leave you less likely to pick up colds and infections. So long as you’re also eating your veggies of course!

A Fun Stress Reliever

Too many exercises are not enjoyable. Luckily, trampolining does not suffer from this problem! It is exceptionally fun and can be a fantastic stress reliever. The repetitive action of bouncing up and down will help your mind to zone out and forget about the things worrying you.

If you are interested in using trampoline exercise as part of your regular workout routine, make sure you try our facilities in High Wycombe. Ready to get started? Bounce away to your fitness goals with our dedicated classes.