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Why Trampoline Parks are Perfect for all Ages

For some reason there is a misconception about trampoline parks – that only children and teenagers can enjoy them. Here at Rush we’re constantly trying to crush this myth! Bouncing is a great workout and it’s fun for all ages, from toddlers to seniors. Once you get on the trampoline you’ll understand, but if you still need some persuading, we’ve listed some of the reasons why trampoline parks are for everybody regardless of age.

Good for people at risk of brittle bones

Trampolining can develop stronger bones from the repeated action of bouncing, especially in the lower body. Bones and joints are protected and strengthen at the same time, which makes it a great activity for the elderly generation. The strength which develops over time can prevent osteoporosis, so trampolining is perfect for pensioners and mature jumpers. It’s also ideal for people recovering from injury or who are physically challenged, as it’s a stress-free workout which is easy on the joints. There is no age limit on this gentle trampoline workout!

Sweat out the stress

There is something really therapeutic about jumping up and down on a trampoline. It’s proven to relieve stress and boost your mood, so why not join us and sweat out the stress! Taking part in exercise releases endorphins, which instantly make you feel happier, and trampolining is much more fun than heading to the gym. Start bouncing and feel the stress of the day melt away.

Test your strength

At trampoline parks there are loads of activities to take part in, it’s not just a room full of trampolines. We also have obstacle training with a range of assault courses which are challenging for even the fittest athlete! The Rush assault course is recommended for youngsters and adults who want to test their strength – please be aware there is a height control in place for participants.

Toddler areas

As soon as your little one can walk, they are welcome to bounce! Toddlers love trampoline parks and you know they will be safe in our specialised toddler areas and open jump sessions just for toddlers. Choose from the toddler court, toddler soft play area or you can even enrol tots into a structured lesson to learn active skills – Toddler Rushlings.

Trampolining really is for all ages, from toddlers to pensioners! Visit us in High Wycombe today to see what fun you’ve been missing out on.