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Tips for Reaching Your Fitness Goals This Year

With the rest of 2016 lying before us, there is never a better time to set out a plan for achieving your goals for the year. Many of us make it a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or become fitter – but once February arrives all that talk of Dry January and eating healthy goes out the window. Whatever your health and fitness goals are – whether it’s to drop a stone or run a marathon – here are some top tips for making sure you achieve them before the end of the year.

Make it Fun

Most people associate exercising and eating a balanced diet as rather boring – but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you’re sticking to eating healthy, explore and find a new restaurant which offers healthy, nutritious dishes over fast food. You don’t have to stay home and cook every night, you just need to find somewhere which shares your health goals.

Similarly, if running on a treadmill doesn’t do it for you, then try something else to keep fit. If your gym offers a range of classes try something new – you might find a new passion. There’s also plenty of other ways to work out besides the gym. From joining a sports team to doing something fun like trampolining for fitness, there are so many ways to enjoy keeping fit. Trampolining is so fun it’s actually exercise in disguise, and it’s great for people who need a form of cardio which isn’t stressful on the joints.

Plan for Failure

Whether your goal is going for a run every single morning or staying away from carbs, understand that you’re only human. There will be times when you fall off the bandwagon and eat something you’re not supposed to, or don’t reach your performance targets. It’s what you do after these failures that is important. Have an action plan for how to recover so you don’t give up altogether.

Get a Friend Onboard

Achieving something is a lot easier with someone supportive by your side. Ask a friend if they want to join you in the challenge so you have a gym buddy or someone you can go out with in search of healthy alternatives. You can help one another when one of you is struggling, and congratulate each other when you finally reach your goals (which you will!)

Follow these top tips and you should be on your way to becoming fitter and healthier in 2016. Good luck!