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Teambuilding Exercises to Please all Types of Employee

Planning an effective teambuilding event can be rather stressful. The aim of the exercise is to help people bond and treat your staff to a fun day out, but pick the wrong activity and it can become too competitive or worse – bore the socks off everyone. Corporate teambuilding should be fun, unique and memorable, but of course everybody is different so how can you make sure all employees enjoy the experience?

If you’re worried about picking the right activity or making sure the teambuilding day is as inclusive as possible, here are some top tips for organising a corporate teambuilding session.

team of people smiling around table

Offer lots of choice

Because everybody is different, you’re not going to please all employees with just one activity. Plan a day which involves a few different events because everyone has different tastes and skills. For example, one staff member may hate sports but like quizzes, so if you just plan a team football match they’re not going to have a good time. Plan a day which offers choice and employees can sign up for the events they’re interested in. For example, at Rush trampoline park there are multiple activities to choose from, including obstacle courses and basketball and dodgeball courts. If someone wants to take it easy they can just have fun on the wall to wall trampolines!

Assign roles

Similarly, if you have members of the workforce who cannot join in certain physical activities, you can still make them feel included. All games need a referee or scorekeeper, and you could also nominate more introvert members of the team to be captains so they have their say.

Ask for recommendations

The best way to pick an activity that everyone will enjoy is not to guess – ask the rest of the staff what they want to take part in. Create a shortlist of ideas and ask the workforce to vote for their choice. You may not be able to please everyone, but you can please the majority.

Plan a social element

Teambuilding can get quite competitive, and not everyone has a competitive personality. Try and plan a day which involves different elements, so all employees will enjoy at least a part of the teambuilding day. If the afternoon involved a physical activity, plan a social for the evening such as a murder mystery dinner or casual drinks reception. This allows people more time to talk and interact, and some people may feel more comfortable in this type of environment.

Teambuilding can be a hit or miss – make sure your event is a hit with these tips.