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How to Reach your Summer Body Goals Without the Gym

It’s that time of year again when you start to think about getting in shape for summer and toning up for your holidays. We all have different body goals – but how are you going to reach them? While some of us a die-hard gym bunnies, others just can’t seem to get motivated by a treadmill or rowing machine. The good news is, going to the gym three times a week isn’t the only way to lose weight and feel great. Read on for our advice about reaching your summer body goals without the gym.

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The Healthy Diet

When somebody wants to lose weight, usually the first thing they do is take a look at their diet and how it can be improved. Some people join dieting clubs or follow strict regimes with point systems – this works for some of us but not everyone. There is also lots of confusing advice being given from health experts at the moment, about how much fat we should be eating to stay at a healthy weight.

What most health professionals and dieticians are in agreement with is what you should cut out. Processed foods and sugar are the two greatest culprits of an unhealthy diet, which can lead to obesity, high blood pressure and other health problems. Start by cutting as much of these foods out of your diet as possible.

Then it’s time to look at your portion sizes, snacking habits and if you’re getting enough of the good stuff (oily fish, vegetables and protein). If you’re trying to tone up or gain muscle then you’ll want to up your protein intake.



Fun workouts

As well as changing your diet you’ll need to up your exercise game if you want to see positive changes. The key is to find something you enjoy so it encourages you to workout more often. Whether it’s football, yoga or martial arts, any exercise is good exercise. If you’re struggling to find that exercise session you enjoy, why not try these:

Trampolining – this is a new fitness craze and it definitely isn’t just for kids! Jumping up and down for an hour is a cardio workout, using all the muscles in your body. It also helps you tone up and doesn’t even feel like a workout.

Fun fitness classes – There are so many fitness classes to choose from, you’re bound to find something for you. If you like to dance then Zumba and other dance fitness classes will keep you interested. A high intensity circuit or spin class is tough but rewarding, or chill out with Pilates or yoga.

Summer is upon us, so start today to earn the body you want.



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