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News from Rush HQ

As of January 13th we are introducing a new policy to our parks that applies to Open Jump sessions and Rush After Dark.

Customers who have not pre-booked their sessions online currently pay a £1 walk in fee (per person) when they arrive at the park.

This charge is in place to help us organise more staff if the park gets busier than expected that afternoon due to walk-ins for example and money raised goes towards re-investing back into Rush to hire more staff and give more people in the local community part time and full time hours.

From Saturday 13th January we are changing our walk-in fee charge to a peak and off-peak system.

Example: 60 minutes of open jump

Off Peak Walk In Price (Monday – Friday)  +£1pp making the total price for 60 minutes £12pp

Peak Walk In Price (Valid 11am – 4pm on Weekends and School Holidays) +£2pp making the total price for 60 minutes £13

Online Price (Monday – Sunday) – £11pp

(Implemented as of 13/01/18)

Our reasons for having to implement this necessary change are listed below, to explain to you, our valued customers why we have amended our walk in price.

The more people book online the more we can ensure they have the best experience at Rush. If no one booked online and we have 100+ people turn up we would not have enough staff from various departments on the rota and would need to close elements of the park.

As much as we’d love to be mind readers, we simply cannot accurately predict how many people will choose to come to our parks without pre-booking and it’s our job to make sure they have a brilliant time when they do get here. Without enough staff in our parks to supervise a surge of customers, supervise our popular facilities or help make sure there’s a clean table and a hot cuppa waiting for you when you arrive, we hope our walk in price will encourage customers to pre-book so we can plan staffing or rota in more team members.

We appreciate this added surcharge might mean an added expense for some of our regular customers, please take a moment to view our Special Offers page and find out what value for money offers we currently have, or follow us on your favourite social media channel to stay up to date about latest offers.

Please note customers with special needs and toddlers are not affected by any walk-in charge.

If you’d like to speak with a member of staff regarding our walk in charge, please email, give us a call or ask to speak to a Duty Manager at the park.

Thank you for your support and valued custom, we look forward to welcoming you to Rush again soon!