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A message to our customers about backflips at Rush

We appreciate some of our customers from gymnastics and other disciplines may wish to come to Rush to practise their routines but as a busy mainstream leisure centre we do not allow backflips or double backflips of any kind to be performed on our trampolines or tumble lanes.

The reason being is that gymnastics, freestyle, tumbling and trampolining clubs for example are strictly controlled environments with activities being supervised by Level 1 and 2 coaches. Trampoline Parks are a mainstream leisure activity with customers of all ages and abilities using various activities in addition to trampolines in our park (such as our Foam Pit, Assault Course, Wipeout and Battle Beam).

Our Court Monitors are here to ensure everyone’s safety having been thoroughly trained in Rush health and safety policies, however they are not professionally trained or approved professional coaches to adequately spot/supervise customers doing complex routines.

We appreciate this may be frustrating for you or your family, however safety is our number one priority and to reduce the risk of injuries we respectfully request that customers wishing to practise complex routines should do so at their local club.

As a member of the International Association of Trampoline Parks this is one way we are choosing to ensure Rush is one of (if not the safest) trampoline park in the UK.

Thanks for reading!
Team Rush