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Looking to Refresh your Spring Workout Regime?

Spring has sprung at last, and you may be looking ahead to the summer with the hope of getting in shape. It’s the perfect time of year for new beginnings, so why not refresh your workout regime and start looking after your body a little better? It’s not just the house which needs a spring clean, your lifestyle does too.

If you need something a little different get keep you motivated to stay fit and active, we have just the ticket. Read on for some refreshing ideas to switch up your exercise regime!

Enjoy the great outdoors

The clocks have gone forward which means plenty of lighter evenings and bright early mornings too. You can’t use the old excuse that it’s dark when you get home from work and your body just needs to sleep. This is the perfect time of year to get out and about, enjoying the great outdoors. Swap the gym for the nearby fields and walking tracks and you’ll start to feel amazing. Various studies have shown that exercising in a natural environment has more benefits than working out indoors.

There are so many workouts you can do outdoors – jogging, cycling and hiking to name a few. Head to a tennis court, or use the children’s playground as your gym equipment to do pull ups and balances. It’s time to take advantage of the warmer weather.

Try a new fitness class

Perhaps spinning is getting boring or you’ve never actually found a fitness class that you enjoy.  Now is the time to try something new! One of the latest crazes is working out on a trampoline, which can actually make working out fun. Adult fitness classes at Rush UK trampoline park include discocise, an energetic dance based class, and Rush Bootcamp which fuses basic trampoline exercises with weights and intense workouts to increase stamina.

Join a sports team

For many people, exercising alone is demotivating and dull. The best way to counteract this is either find a workout buddy, or start playing sports. The competitive spirit will have you pushing yourself in no time! Look up your local teams and there is bound to be something you’d like to try. Even if you know you’re not up to the standard of playing matches, you should be able to train with the team until you feel ready to compete.

Are you ready to take on spring and summer? Good luck!