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Let the games begin!

Rush UK duathlon

We’re launching the #RushDuathlon this weekend and YOU just got called up to the starting line!


In celebration of the 2016 Olympics we’re inviting you to take on the Rush Duathlon and earn your place on the winners podium as our champions! 

You’ll need speed, precision, technique and quick reflexes if you’re going to win one of our highly prized Bronze, Silver or Gold medals at the end of our championship… 

For those not participating, we’ll have Sky TV coming to our park screens from August 15th so you can catch up on all of the 2016 Olympics action. 

Stage One: Ascend our sky-high climbing sticks the fastest!
Stage Two: Duck, dive and dip down low to not only beat the super fast arms of our Total Wipeout Zone but stay on the longest!

The overall winners will be entered into our championship and we’ll share the scores on our social media every week. 

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalists will be announced on Monday 22nd August. Gold Medalist will win a £50 Rush Gift Voucher, Silver Medalist will win a Free Family Jump Ticket and Bronze Medalist will win a Free Jump Ticket! 


  • Whoever is the fastest to the top of our climbing sticks and endures the Total Wipeout the longest wins!
  • Tickets cost just £2.50 to take part and can be purchased from our High Wycombe park.
  • Contenders get one try only. 
  • All contestants must be aged 4 or over and be tall enough to use both the walking sticks and wipeout (1.22m minimum) in order to take park in the duathlon.
  • The Rush Duathlon will take place from 06/08/16 – 22/08/16.