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Learn How To Tumble At Rush

Gymnastics and tumbling are highly popular activities but, it can be difficult to find specialist schools and even harder to ensure that your children are being taught in a safe environment. Learning new tumbling techniques on trampolines has significant advantages over practicing on a floor. It is safer then learning on a hard surface for example and has less of an impact on the joints. It is also a lot easier, especially for younger children, because it requires less leg strength to generate lift. There are many other reasons that tumbling is fantastic to learn at Rush so read on for a few insights!


This is priority number one for any parent. You want your child to have a good time and learn a new skill but not hurt themselves when they fall. Trampolines are significantly softer than matts on the floor and are surrounded by padding which is kind to little bodies. We also have a huge foam pit where they can finish their routines without any fear of injury.


Trampolines are obviously bouncier than the traditional tumbling floor. This means that less muscle strength is needed to generate the required lift necessary to do a somersault. This bouncy surface makes learning a lot easier and can build up strength for practicing on a floor later on.

Expert Tuition

Here at Rush we provide expert tuition for all abilities. Starting from the age of 5 we have beginner to advanced level classes. Technique is key when tumbling so our instructors are all hand-picked for their expertise and experience making the learning process fun and effective for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

A Focus on Form and Technique

Not only do we use specialist teaching staff who have many years’ experience we are rigorous in our method. We ensure that all tumbling techniques are taught accurately. We teach all skills from basic running technique to exciting moves such as full twisting layouts.


We like to make sure that our pupils feel rewarded and motivated so we provide certificates to mark achievements and prizes for higher levels. This sense of accomplishment tied into rewards encourages our students to progress even further.

We have an after-school program split into 3 levels to bring children up to the highest standard of tumbling in only 12 weeks. Contact us to find out more or book a session!