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Jumping into January at Rush High Wycombe

Are you determined to make 2017 the best year yet? If you have personal fitness goals to achieve, Rush can help you achieve them. Because trampolining is a cardiovascular workout with a huge range of health benefits, it can help you accomplish your health goals whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle. Ready to get started on the path to a healthier, fitter body? Then jump into January with our variety of activities.

8 Week Get Fit Program

We know that loads of people want to make a positive change at this time of year – so we’ve designed a program to help you out. Starting this month, the program promises to help you get fit and lean on the trampoline, and includes unlimited fitness classes, nutritional advice, a personal training session and a private WhatsApp group for support. You’ll have to be quick to sign up!

Rush After Dark

Do your love dancing to your favourite tunes on a night out but Dry January is keeping you locked in the house? Come and try out a different type of disco here at Rush. With loud music and UV lights, who needs alcohol?! Bring the kids for a fun-filled family evening at the After Dark Disco.

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Do you enjoy the camaraderie of team sports? If so then why not join our dodgeball league? You’ll get the fitness benefits from the rebound fitness involved, yet still have loads of fun throwing balls at one another! Get a group of friends together or let us know you’re looking for a team to join.

Fitness Classes

Have you tried a few different fitness classes but can’t find the one that’s made you commit? Well how about throwing in a trampoline to boost your workout? We run a great adult fitness timetable that has something for everyone. If you don’t want to try trampoline circuits then we also have a studio offering yoga and spinning. If you find yourself too busy with looking after young kids, then we’re here to help. For certain sessions you can bring along your tot and they can join in with Toddler Mayhem while you burn some calories. Busy parents simply don’t have the time to keep fit and the cost of childcare is increasing, so we’re offering the perfect solution.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey? We hope to see you soon!