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How to Keep Children Active During Winter

It can be difficult keeping kids active when it’s too cold and dark for them to play outside. Keeping active is really important for overall health, so although it’s tempting to hibernate for the winter, you’ll need some activities under your sleeve. Burn off energy – and calories – by getting out of the house as a family. If you desperately need to entice your child away from the TV or games console, then we’ve got some ideas for you.

Image of ice skating

Ice Skating

It’s that time of year when ice rinks pop up here there and everywhere! While it does involve spending time outside in the freezing cold, make sure everyone wraps up warm and you’ll be fine for an hour or so. As a fun family activity, ice skating will get the heart pumping and also requires good balance. Who will stay on their feet the longest!?

Trampoline Park

Keeping fit as a family has never been this much fun. Jumping up and down on a trampoline burns calories, tones muscle and is a great cardiovascular exercise. Children can also try a range of tricks in a safe environment, before jumping in the foam pit. In addition to open jumping, at Rush kids have the opportunity to join a dodgeball league or book onto tumbling sessions if they want to improve their skills.

Dance Classes

Most children of all ages like to move to music – so they will probably enjoy a weekly dance class. When it comes to community classes there are usually a range of styles on offer from ballet to street. Cheerleading is also growing in popularity, which builds on coordination, strength and flexibility.

Image of cycling


If they aren’t already part of a sports team, now is the best time of year to get them involved. Many sports teams have outdoor and indoor pitches for when the weather is too severe. From football and rugby to hockey and basketball, keep trying new things until your child finds an activity they enjoy.


Winter may be cold, but it is not always raining or snowing. In fact, autumn and winter can bring crisp, dry days which are great for long walks or cycling. Visit local country parks or forests for beautiful winter scenery – just remember to wrap up well.

Remember, children should get one full hour of physical activity per day – how will you encourage this in winter?