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How Safe are Trampoline Parks?

People across the nation are joining in the latest craze at trampoline parks, and it’s only natural to be concerned about safety. As a physical activity, there is a risk of accidents at any trampoline park, so you may worry about you or your child taking part in trampolining. While we can’t speak for all of the UK’s trampoline parks, here at Rush we are committed to keeping our trampolines accident free and safety is our number one priority.

We ensure all of the activities within the park are as safe as possible with a dedicated health and safety procedure. We have stringent methods in place and our own in-house safety rules, yet there is currently no industry guidance on preventing or monitoring accidents. Rush is currently looking to work with the government or sporting organisations to create a national benchmark for trampoline park accident rates, and provide official guidance on trampoline related injuries.

The facts

We have an effective monitoring scheme in place and can proudly say that less than 1% of our visitors have an accident within the park, and serious accidents are very rare. We are also working towards an accreditation with Quest to receive a Quality Mark for Trampoline Parks, from the UK’s official quality scheme for sport and leisure.

The risk of having an accident at Rush is very low, however we are well prepared to deal with any mishaps that may occur on the premises.

Accident procedure

We always respond promptly and react safely to an accident, and our jump staff are well trained to deal with these situations. This is the current timeline for dealing with accidents at Rush:

  • All of our jump team are trained and have radios to communicate with each other and jump supervisors. In the event of an accident this is communicated straight away to a jump supervisor and management.


  • The jump supervisors are first aid trained and are there to provide support and first response first aid.


  • A manager will also be called in the event of an accident to provide further support and assess the injury. An accident form will be filled in as this is a legal requirement and it helps us review any accidents in the park.


  • Our aim is get you safely back and jumping as soon as possible.  If this is not possible one of our team will stay with you and ensure you are comfortable while further assistance is called and arrives.


  • We care! Expect a follow up call regardless of the severity of injury. We want to ensure you received the best possible care and it helps us review our procedures in our effort to be the safest possible park.


We strive to be one of the safest trampoline parks in the UK, so let us know if you have any suggestions for improvements.