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The Ultimate Guide to the Summer Holidays 2017

Planning the long summer holidays with the kids can be quite the test – how is it possible to keep them entertained for six whole weeks?! Most parents are fine for the first fortnight but there’s only so many play dates and films to watch at the cinema, right? Fear not – we’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to the school holidays including fail-safe ways to keep the children happy and active.

Outdoor fun

When the weather is warm and dry, you should take advantage of it because you never know how long it’s going to last. If the sun is shining, here are some ideas for some fun family days out…

Camping – if you don’t have work for two days in a row then why not stay in the great outdoors overnight? Find a family friendly campsite with loads to do such as exploring forests, cycling, feeding farm animals etc. Camping is usually the most affordable type of holiday and can be the most enriching.

Sports – most sports are best played outdoors, so take a visit to your local park or sports leisure centre. Train up the next Wimbledon champion or teach the kids how to ride a horse.

Adventure park – From treetop adventures to theme parks, there’s nothing like letting the kids explore an outdoor adventure park. Most of the time adults get to join in too!

Too hot? Now and again there’s a heatwave which makes spending time outdoors impossible. Head somewhere inside with air con, such as Rush trampoline park!

Indoor fun

Of course, living in the UK we’re used to wet school holidays so there are plenty of options if the rain pours. Here’s some of the best ideas for indoor activities…

Museums – You’ll be surprised how fun some museums can be for children. Look up what exhibitions are on at your local art gallery or museum, there is usually plenty of interactive workshops for kids to get involved in.

Swimming – keep the kids active over the holidays by going swimming as a family a few times. It’s fun for children of all ages, and can complement their swimming lessons.

Ten pin bowling – Bowling is a great day out for the whole family, especially when it’s raining outside. See who can gain the most points and be the family champion!

The summer holidays can be hard work. What family activities do you have planned?