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Join us for International Yoga Day!

Have you heard of International Yoga Day? It is celebrated on 21st June each year all over the world, and aims to raise awareness across the globe of the many benefits of practicing yoga. It’s a celebration for yogis worldwide who come together with a passion for yoga, and it is also a fantastic opportunity for people who have never tried it before to take a class.

Millions of people across the world attend yoga classes, and it seems to be constantly increasing in popularity. It originated in ancient India and in Sanskrit the word ‘yoga’ means to join or unite. So what better way to celebrate International Yoga Day than to unite our bodies and minds and join together to practice yoga?

At Rush we’re really looking forward to the day as we have lots of exciting yoga related events planned. From 9.30am-12pm on Wednesday 21st June we’ll be showcasing a range of different yoga classes for you to enjoy here at the park. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or a complete beginner, it doesn’t matter – our celebration of yoga is open to all abilities.

Yoga for Health

This year the theme for International Yoga Day is Yoga for Health. The theme aims to spotlight the relationship between yoga and health and wellbeing and the holistic approach to the practice. Yoga is both physical and spiritual, linking the body and the mind and many people believe it is good for both physical and mental health.

Different Types of Yoga at Rush

There are many different types of yoga you might have heard of – hatha yoga, bikram yoga vinyasa yoga to name a few. While these yoga classes may have some similarities, they can be drastically different. On Wednesday you can try three different yoga sessions – restorative, hatha and hot yoga (Bikram yoga).


This type of yoga is all about restoring and repairing the body from daily stresses. You’ll slow right down in this class, holding poses and deep stretches for minutes at a time. This type of yoga is great for mental balance, and relieving anxiety.


Hatha yoga is a broad term covering most yoga styles. It can vary a lot depending on the yoga instructor, but it is usually quite gentle and mixes poses with breathing exercises.

Hot yoga

Also known as Bikram yoga, a hot yoga class is as you’d expect – hot! It is designed to flush toxins from the body and the heat can help you move further into some of the postures. This can be challenging both physically and mentally, but the rewards are worth it.

Take a look at the yoga classes we currently offer in our studio for next time you visit!