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4 Reasons Trampoline Parks Aren’t Just for Kids

Although many adults seem to be put off by the idea, jumping is not just for children and teens. Trampoline parks are fun for all ages, and we’re here to prove it! The great thing about trampolining is it can be a great family activity enjoyed by all. Here at Rush we have loads of activities which are designed with adults in mind, and you certainly don’t have to be small to enjoy jumping as high as you can.

You’re never too old for a trampoline, and with added health benefits why wouldn’t adults jump at the chance to try it?! Because trampolining offers a low impact workout, it is safe for people who have joint problems and can’t really do activities such as jogging or weightlifting. It also boasts health claims such as burning hundreds of calories, improving coordination and developing strength.

  1. It’s the new gym

It doesn’t matter what start of the art classes or equipment your gym offers – you know you’re never going to get through the door more than a handful of times. Most people just can’t connect with the gym and fine the time or motivation to go. Trampoline parks are a new craze and it actually offers amazing health benefits, so you can finally ditch the gym forever. Trampolining is a great cardiovascular workout and helps tone your body. Oh and did we mention it’s fun?

The Rush instructors stretching before bouncing

  1. Stress relief

Rebounding on a trampoline is a great way to relieve stress and in turn improve your mental health. So rather than sit on the side-lines, why don’t you join in the fun and kick your worries to the kerb with the help of endorphins?

  1. Fitness classes

Many trampoline parks offer adult fitness classes so you can enjoy rebound-based workouts without a child in sight! From trampoline fitness classes to discocise, these exercises are great for keeping fit and improving strength.

  1. Dodgeball League

If you have a competitive side, then you’ll love to join the aerial dodgeball league! You can play with friends or join an established team, and the ultimate team sport will leave you wanting more. Adults will love reminiscing about playing dodgeball in school…and how it’s improved since! Work up a sweat while socialising and having fun.

Have we persuaded you yet? We hope to see you bouncing with us soon!