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How to Get Fit for Summer

Summer is on its way which means many of us are starting a health kick to try and look our best for the season of holidays, weddings and garden parties. Whether you want to lose a bit of weight or just tone up so you feel more confident baring all on the beach, time is running out to start your fitness regime. Getting fit for summer needn’t be a chore – take a look at some of our top tips.

1. Set yourself some goals

First of all it’s important to decide on some goals for getting in shape – and make sure they’re achievable! If you have a milestone in mind, such as a wedding day or a summer holiday then use this as the timescale. How much weight do you want to lose by then? Or how much muscle do you want to gain? Set and end goal and then plan to achieve it. Then set smaller goals throughout the challenge, such as working out four times a week or cutting out some of your favourite naughty foods. When you reach your goals don’t forget to reward yourself.

2. Get outside

Getting fit doesn’t always have to mean sweating at the gym or following a ‘bikini boot camp’ video online every day. Now that days are much longer and lighter, take every opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy spring. Taking the dog for an extra-long walk one evening or going on a bike ride in the country at the weekend can help you reach your goals, as well as improving wellbeing.

Couple cycling in the countryside3. Try something new

The most important thing about achieving your goals is trying to make it enjoyable. If you get a bit fed up of your workout regime, why not mix it up and try something new. Swimming is a great activity to start the day – it uses all muscles in the body and leaves you feeling refreshed for the day ahead. Trampolining is a new fitness craze which ticks all the boxes – it’s great for your heart, burns a high number of calories and helps tone up problem areas. It’s also addictive!

A woman trampolining at Rush4. Don’t give up

At some point you will probably have a setback. Whether you get too busy to work out or end up over-indulging at a restaurant, it happens to everyone. Accept it and move on – don’t see this as a sign to quit. It’s one tiny setback and you can use it to motivate yourself further to reach your goals.

Good luck!