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Fun Things to do During the Holidays on Rainy Days

We’ve all been there: the kids are off school and it hasn’t stopped raining for the past five days. You had loads of rainy day activities planned but have used them all up within the first week. Your children are so bored they don’t even want to watch TV or play with their games, and you’re close to tearing your hair out!

Don’t worry, six weeks is a really long time and even the most organised parent can sometimes need a helping hand. Don’t despair – we have heaps of fun ideas for you to try, and we guarantee the kids will love them.

Visit a museum, aquarium or amusement centre

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture out of the house. Everyone gets a little bored if they’re stuck inside day in, day out. Instead of parks and zoos, think of indoor places of interest such as museums and aquariums. These can be really interactive so you can spend around two to three hours there and then find somewhere to have lunch.

Image of the Natural History Museum

Make things

When you’re out of creative ideas, a quick search online can give you all sorts of inspiration! See what you and your kids can make together and get crafty. A good way to keep them engaged is to say that they are making something as a present for someone, and then visit them. For example, they could make something for Grandma, Grandad, Auntie Janet and Auntie Bev and then spend the rest of the day delivering the presents. That should waste some time!

Have a day off

When the kids need to let off some steam, sometimes the best way to let them is to send them to a summer activity camp. While some of these rely on good weather to get the kids active, trampoline parks such as Rush offer a whole host of activities come rain or shine. Here at Rush children can take part in gymnastics and trampoline coaching, obstacle courses, dodgeball tournaments, foam cube building, arts and crafts, cooking workshops and much more. Parents deserve a day off and children deserve a whole day of non-stop fun!

Go to the cinema

Dull and rainy days are perfect to spend in the cinema watching the latest animated film. Have a look for midweek deals and take your own snacks to lower the cost of going to the movies with the whole family.

Armed with these fun activities, rainy days will never be boring again!