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Fun Teambuilding Activities for Your Staff

Gone are the days when managers could arrange an in-house teambuilding event which was fun and effective. These days it’s all about excitement and adventure, and helping people connect by doing something completely different together. Choosing a scary activity is also great for team bonding, as people help one another overcome their fears. Here are some unique and fun ideas for corporate teambuilding activities.

Bounce Dodgeball

It’s no surprise that many businesses turn to sport for their teambuilding exercises – it gets people working together, it’s fun and also encourages a competitive team spirit. However, some people who are less sporty have trouble engaging, and people are soon bored of football, rounders, cricket and netball. Introducing the new trend – bounce dodgeball! This extreme version of dodgeball takes place on trampolines, which makes it extra fun.

A men's dodgeball team ready for a game

Assault Course

Stage a survival of the fittest content with a fun assault course. There are various different courses to choose from, including indoor and outdoor options. You can decide whether people have to work in groups or on their own – either way it’s heaps of fun!

Bubble Football

This game takes football to a whole new level – one where you’ll mainly be flat on the ground! Fun and energetic, bubble football is for all ages and makes kicking a ball a lot more challenging. Get teams working together, figuring out the best tactics and swapping who is nominated as the goalkeeper. You can also play other games in the inflatables, if football gets too tiring.

Breakout Rooms

Another popular concept in corporate teambuilding is the breakout room. Much like a gameshow, teams enter a room with various challenges that must be completed in a certain timeframe. If the group figures out the mystery or completes the challenges in the allocated time, a door opens and they can ‘break out’ of the room. Otherwise, they fail! Most providers have at least a couple of different rooms so staff can go back a few times to try the different challenges.

High Ropes in the Forest

Take to the treetops with a high rope and zip wire adventure. This outdoor activity is a fun day out and will help employees support one another through daunting situations. People who are scared of heights may struggle, but with the help of colleagues will be able to complete the course.

If you’d like help planning your corporate teambuilding day, get in touch.