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How to be a Fun, Fit and Healthy Family

We’re constantly being told that it’s really important for people of all ages to stay fit and active for our health and wellbeing. But those with busy schedules and families can struggle to find the time to go to the gym or commit to a weekly game of 5 a side. However, when you have children it’s even more important to set a good example to your little ones, so they can grow up healthy and active too.

With a family goal of becoming fit and healthy, it becomes easier because everyone’s in it together. Small changes can make a big difference – ditching the weekly takeaway and walking or cycling the short distance to school twice a day instead of driving. If you want to make sure your family is as healthy as possible, we’ve put together some ideas for you to try over the summer. From yummy recipes to fun days out, you’ll never know these activities are designed to get you fit and healthy because everyone will be having a great time!

Go to a sporting event

If you have a child who loves a particular sport or competitive event, then take them to see the local professionals. Not only is this a great day out, but children will see just how hard they have to train to achieve their goals and they’ll be motivated to get active.

An Image of a Family doing Watersport

Active holiday

While it’s tempting to book a relaxing holiday by the beach, why not take the opportunity to take part in some family activities instead. If everyone in the family has a bike you could go on a camping and cycling holiday. Most UK holiday parks have plenty of physical activities for kids too, from treetop adventures to sports clubs. Try and take the family somewhere where they can try something new – how about canoeing or abseiling?

Healthy baking

Kids love to bake, and it’s a perfect rainy day activity. Instead of opting for those sugar heavy iced cakes, it’s time to get the kids interested in healthy baking. With the right recipes, they finished product tastes just as delicious! Try a banana bread, fruit loaf or raw chocolate brownie. You won’t look back!

A healthy loaf of bread

Jump around

Another rainy day activity idea – head to a trampoline park. When you really need to tire the kids out but they can’t play outside, let them use their energy on the trampoline. This is also a great family activity, so don’t just watch the kids from the café. All members of the family can have fun and burn calories at the same time.

Go swimming

Aim to go swimming as a family at least once a week. This will help your kids practice their skills while they’re not in school, and will also make them more confident should you be going on holiday by the sea.

Now’s the time to become a fit family.