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Celebs who Love Trampolining!

Trampolining is an extremely popular physical activity, and trampoline parks such as Rush are making it more accessible. We’re always saying that jumping isn’t just for the kids – well now plenty of celebrities are proving that adults can enjoy it too. Stars from all over the world have noted the health benefits of trampolining, so why not follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous?

Loads of celebs have been spotted having fun on trampolines, and we can’t think of a better way to let off steam and take a break from the public eye. We’ve rounded up some of the top global stars who apparently love trampolining.

Ladies who bounce

Forget ladies who lunch, nowadays it’s all about sophisticated ladies who bounce! According to the Daily Mail, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham are both fans of trampoline classes. Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to stay fit as it burns calories while strengthening muscles, and certain trampoline-based fitness classes can help these celebs keeps their impressive figures. Why not try a Rush class with a girlfriend? Don’t forget we also have a crèche to provide childcare so you can enjoy a workout during the day.

Olly Murs jumps through his tour

Of course, trampolining isn’t just for the ladies and Olly Murs is one guy who loves to bounce when he gets time off. The lovable British singer was recently touring the UK and visited not just one but two separate trampoline parks across the country, surprising visitors in Glasgow and Newcastle. Olly can’t get enough of bouncing when he’s off stage!

Kelly Rowland’s family day out

As a former Destiny’s Child star, it’s no secret that Kelly Rowland loves Jumpin’ Jumpin’. She’s recently filming a TV show in Australia and during a break from filming, decided to take her husband and son to an indoor trampoline park. The family were photographed jumping and laughing together, so it looked like a successful day out for the star and her two year old son.

Madonna prepares for shows on trampoline

Another fan of trampolining is 58 year old global singing sensation Madonna. In fact, it was reported that the star has a trampoline in her dressing room before going on stage. Right before the show, she warms up on the trampoline to prepare her muscles and get warm for the performance. We know that Madonna has often had some strange demands for her dressing rooms, but we love this one!

If you want to take a note from the books of these celebrities, visit us at High Wycombe to get jumping.