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The Best Cheerleading Routines Ever

Cheerleading is a very serious business –especially across the Atlantic. If you’re looking to add some diversity to your performance, there are a number of professional routines on the Internet that your squad can take inspiration from. Watching them may even help you figure out the techniques you need to develop with coaches! We’ve recapped some of our favourites from around the world here…

cheerleading tumble training at rush trampoline park 

Top Gun All-Stars 2013 World Finals

An incredible routine from a spectacular team. The difficulty level of this Top Gun routine means the All-Stars would still have won the title even with a fall. Tumbling like this doesn’t come naturally but practicing on a sprung tumbling lane can make it much easier to grasp.

Mill Creek High 2008 GHSA State Championship

With its perfect timing and superb music selection, this routine was a sure-fire winner from the start. The most impressive element is the unison the squad exhibits, working together in perfect harmony from the very first step. If you envy their perfect posture, try practicing jumping and toe touches on a sprung surface.



California All-Stars 2012 World Champions

Buckle up to witness the start of something special – this team would go on to win every year following this performance, right up to 2015. Keep an eye out for the incredible lifts throughout. Use a professional foam pit when practicing lifts and throws and you’ll find them much easier to get to grips with and safer to perform.



Maryland Twisters F5 2013

By far and away the most impressive element of this routine is the movement. The squad’s athleticism and energy makes it look like there are so many more of them than there really is. Jumping like this isn’t easy so try practicing on a trampoline to develop a championship-worthy technique.



Cheer Extreme Senior Elite 2011

Fast-paced, athletic, skilful and drilled – this is what a cheerleading routine should look like. This team is one of the most technically talented on this list. Practice made them this way. Be sure to look out for the perfectly synchronised tumbling routine. To create this you need to practice hard and learn how your teammates move.


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