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Back to School: Activities for All Ages

It’s that time of year again – the start of a brand new academic year, and youngsters are heading back to school, college or university. Adjusting to the daily routine of classes can be difficult for both children and their parents, so it’s important to focus on wellbeing and family time. Once all of the new uniforms and school essentials are purchased and packed for the return, try and soften the blow with some after school or weekend fun.

schoolboys bouncing on a trampoline

Need some inspiration? Here are some ideas for after school activities which are great for all ages.

  • Swimming
  • Dance and drama classes
  • Joining a sports team
  • Horse riding
  • Rainbows/brownies/scouts/army cadets

After School Jump

If you don’t want the commitment of going to a lesson or club every single week, then why not stop at Rush UK on the way home from school? Children can burn off any extra energy they have at the end of the day, and it’s a family activity which parents can join in with. Usually if you take the kids to a swimming lesson or a dance class you have to sit and watch on the side-lines – not at Rush! We encourage parents to join in because bouncing is fun at any age.

We have loads of activities to try too, so it’s not just jumping up and down for an hour. Play extreme aerial versions of basketball or dodgeball, challenge yourself on the assault course or try your moves on the battle beam and trapeze. Trying out new things with your children is a great bonding activity, and it’s much better for your health than sitting in front of the TV.

If you find yourself too tired after all that jumping to go home and cook for the whole family, don’t worry – you can dine in the Rush restaurant!

After School Meal Offer

From September you can take advantage of our after school winter kids meal offer. After all they will need to recharge after jumping around for over an hour! Plus we’re not just offering a pizza, but a two course meal for all children aged 4 and over!

Buy a jump session for 1.5 hours between 4pm-6pm on a weekday and children will receive a free 7” pizza and two scoops of ice cream in our restaurant. Now that’s a great excuse to come and jump after school rather than at busy weekends.

Good luck with your new school year!