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Airborne Adrenaline: What to Expect From Rush Dodgeball

Do you remember playing dodgeball at school? Perhaps you’ve never actually played the ball game but have seen the movie and think it looks interesting. Well, now it’s even more fun thanks to the dodgeball league at Rush! The airborne version of the game is the latest craze so why not give it a go? Here’s what you can expect from Rush Dodgeball…

Taking the game to new heights

Trampoline dodgeball takes the game to new heights, allowing players to use the trampolines on the floor and on the walls to jump high. Get above the other team and throw the ball with more accuracy and strength. Jumping dodgeball brings more action and more adrenaline!

Super competitive

Dodgeball is a pretty competitive sport, and the Rush dodgeball league embraces this competitive spirit. We’ve created our own season tournaments so teams can progress. Each team has eight players and play three games a week (in one night) for six weeks. The final week is a double elimination championship to determine the winning team and there is a cash prize up for grabs!

Who can play?

The dodgeball league is open to anyone aged 12 and over. We have a junior league which is for ages 12-15 and a senior league for players aged 16 and above. There is no upper age limit but you might want to gather a team with a range of ages!

Normal rules apply

Rush dodgeball is essentially the same as normal dodgeball, played on the trampoline arena. Only our balls are allowed in play, and we make sure there are an even number of balls on each team before starting the match.

To recap on dodgeball rules, the aim of the game is get as many players as possible on the other team out, by hitting them with a ball. Once a player is out they leave the game, but can get re-entered into the game if a player catches an opponent’s ball. You are out if you:

  • Get hit by a live ball
  • Kick a ball
  • Throw a ball which is caught by the other team
  • Cross into the central divide

If the ball bounces off something, it is a dead ball and you will not be out if it deflects onto you. You also can’t hold a ball for more than 10 seconds.

Ready to give it a try? Come and see what airborne dodgeball is all about! Sign up to the Rush league today.