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4 Things to try this Weekend

Tired of doing the same this every weekend? It’s time to try some new experiences with your friends or family and mix things up a bit. There’s a few bank holiday weekends coming up too, so why not plan something doing a little different? We all have a routine Monday through Friday but the weekends are your time to explore and be free. Here are four interesting things you could try out this weekend in High Wycombe.

Explore the local caves

If you’ve never visited the HellFire Caves in West Wycombe Hill, now is your chance. The indoor attraction is suitable for children of all ages, and adults can find it fascinating too. The caves were excavated in the 1750s, so a trip here is also educational as well as fun. No matter what the weather is doing, exploring the caves is a great day out.

Trampolining at Rush

Rush UK has brought the nation’s latest craze to Wycombe – trampolining. Not only is this activity fun for children and adults alike, it’s also a great way to keep fit. If you want to get the children excited about something other than their games console, this trampoline park will surely succeed. In addition to over 100 trampolines, there’s a range of obstacle courses and sports courts to get kids burning off their energy. It’s great fun for all the family and will definitely wear them out (you’re welcome).

 Roald Dahl Museum

In Buckinghamshire we are lucky enough to have a museum dedicated to this wonderful children’s author, as he lived here for 36 years. This tourist attraction caters to children over four right up to teenagers, and features a range of interactive galleries and displays to explore.

Go to a show

It feels really good to swap the TV for a live performance – so why not give it a go this weekend? Whether you’re into live music, theatre, comedy or other events, it’s worth checking out what’s on in the area. Even going to watch an acoustic singer in the pub can make for an exciting evening, or you might prefer to travel a bit further to see some of London’s best plays and musicals.

What are you going to plan to make this weekend special?