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4 Steps for Organising a Successful Birthday Party

All parents know how stressful it is organising a child’s birthday party – but you still have to do it at least once a year! Choosing a venue and a theme is the first challenge, then deciding on the guest list and chasing up with the RSVPs is another trial. It can take weeks to organise! But of course it’s all worth it to see your little one blowing out their candles and having fun with their friends.

If you’re determined to make this year the best party yet, follow these steps for success.

  1. Plan it for the kids

It’s so easy for parents to get caught up in planning what they think is the ‘perfect party.’ The first step in planning the party is asking the birthday boy or girl what they would like to do for their birthday party. If they come out with a few inappropriate options then give them some inspiration with a list of choices – would they like an active party such as trampolining or swimming, a sleepover, or a day out to a theme park with one friend? With every decision you make about the party, check you’re planning it for the kids and not the adults.

  1. Cater for everyone

Catering for any event can be difficult, but when there’s a large group of children with different dietary requirements and allergies, it’s almost impossible. Try and choose food which is liked by most people, and don’t forget vegetarian options. Pizza and sandwiches usually goes down well! Also, ask parents well in advance for any dietary requirements you should know about so you can arrange this with the venue.

  1. Plan the guest list

If you’re having a party at home, then it doesn’t matter too much about numbers. However if you’re hiring a venue or choosing a party package with a company, then you need to know the exact number of children attending. You’ll probably have to pay per person, so you might also want to put a cap on how many friends your child can invite. For example, Rush hosts parties for between 10 and 40 people and we’ll need to know how many people in advance.

  1. Don’t stress!

It’s natural that you want everything to be perfect, but try not to get too stressed out if things don’t go as planned. If the cake is the wrong colour or somebody turns up late, the birthday girl or boy probably won’t even notice. Try and enjoy the day and forget about the pressure of organising.

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