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4 Rainy Day Family Activities that Involve Leaving the House

So the summer holidays this year haven’t exactly been the beautiful sunny days we imagined. The British weather certainly keeps us on our toes, especially if you’re a parent trying to keep the kids happy while they are off school. All those days in the park and trips to the zoo or outdoor adventures you had planned were probably postponed without the weather you’d hoped for.

Parents always need rainy day activities up their sleeves! Nevertheless, there is only so much indoor play you can arrange at home, and the holidays are for getting out of the house. It’s a good idea for adults who are looking after children to have a list of family days out which can go ahead whatever the weather. We’re Brits after all – we can’t let the rain get us down! Here’s some rainy day inspiration for the rest of the summer holidays which can be used into autumn and winter.

crowd of people at an aquarium

  1. Bounce at a trampoline park

Bounce out of the rain at your local trampoline park! Jump sessions are great fun for the whole family, and there is so much to do at Rush to keep children entertained. If they get bored of the main trampoline court they can explore the tumble lanes, the foam pit, the assault course and more. Parents or grandparents can choose to join in or alternatively chill out and watch from the coffee shop.

  1. Visit an aquarium

It might not be fun walking around a zoo in bad weather, but an aquarium is indoors! You might have to drive out to a large marine life centre but it’s worth it for the look on their faces when they come face to face with huge colourful fish.

  1. Waterparks or swimming

Most children of all ages love splashing around in the water, so why not spend a day at your local pool or visit a waterpark? An indoor waterpark with wave pools and slides make for a great family day out, but some local leisure centres and swimming baths also cater for families with special sessions. Swimsuits at the ready!

  1. Check out the local library

If you’re trying to save money (family days out can get very expensive) then it’s worth taking a visit to your local or city library. Not only is it a great way to get youngsters interested in reading, libraries will often host storytelling sessions or interactive events for children – which are free.

Don’t get stuck in the house because of the weather – enjoy family days out come rain or shine.