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10 Ideas for Family Fun this Summer

The summer holidays are looming – which means parents need to get planning a jam packed six weeks of entertainment. While the long holidays might seem daunting to fill, it’s also an opportunity to spend time with the family and give your children new skills and experiences. To get your summer plans kick-started, we’ve come up with this list of family activities to inspire you.

Find out what’s on

It’s a good idea to check out what’s going on in your local area throughout the summer. Many theatres, shopping centres, museums and leisure centres will arrange special days and activities for children over the holidays. Many of these could be free, so it’s definitely worth finding out about. There could also be other pop up events, such as outdoor cinema screenings which are a novelty day out.

Go on a bike ride

We can’t always rely on the British summer, but hopefully there should be at least a couple of dry days to allow you to get out and about. A family bike ride is a great way to keep fit and active, and explore new areas.

Couple cycling in the countryside

Activity holiday camps

If you can’t get the whole summer holidays off work, you may need to look at childcare and activity options. If they already have a hobby, such as dancing or crafts, try and find a place which runs summer holiday camps for those activities. If you really want to tire them out, the Rush Holiday camp is a winner!

Visit a new place

Summer is for exploring! Whether you head for the beach or into the woods, take your family to a brand new place to spend the day. Everybody loves the excitement of a roadtrip!


If the weather is against you, indoor activities come to the rescue. Trampolining is a fun activity for all the family, which boosts wellbeing and burns calories. Let your kids try and teach you all the tricks!

dodgeball leagues

Go to the zoo

Find your nearest zoo, farm or safari park for a fun and educational day out. Children love seeing and learning about all the animals, and there’s usually plenty of family shows and activities.

A new sport

The long holidays are the perfect time for letting your kids find a new hobby or get into a new sport. If you find an activity they love, they may even want to continue taking part after the holidays. Why not try our children’s dodgeball leagues for fun and fitness combined?

Go to the funfair

At some point over the summer, a funfair will probably come to town which is worth a visit. If you can’t find a local funfair, it’s worth driving out to your nearest theme park or seaside attractions. This will keep all ages entertained for the day!

Go swimming

Children love playing in the water, so why not take the whole family on a swimming trip? Even better, find a water park and the kids get to play all day.

Go to the park

Sometimes parents are guilty of overthinking the holiday timetable – children aren’t that hard to please! A few hours can easily be spent at the local park if there is a good playground and you take a tasty picnic.

We hope this has given you some ideas for fun family activities, and hope to see plenty of families having fun at Rush over the summer.