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Trampolining: Fun Fitness With Serious Results

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Get the best out of your bounce, with tips from our expert Fitness Instructor Jo who spoke to Red Magazine recently…

6 Reasons to Bounce

1. Bouncing burns calories faster than going for a run. A study by NASA found that trampolining was 68 per cent more efficient than running. In fact, it’s so intense, “it’s hard to sustain an hour of pure bouncing,” says Dian Nissen, the US trampoline champion whose father actually invented it. “You need to balance intensity and intervals and keep moving the whole time.”

2. It’s low-impact. The mat absorbs about 80 per cent of the shock when you jump or jog on the spot. So you still get bone-boosting effects but it’s easy on your joints.

3. Your abs will tone up fast, too. “You have to learn to move on an unstable surface,” says Nissen. “This makes it great for core muscles as they have to work constantly.”

4. Jumping stimulates the lymphatic system, creating a pump effect which encourages your body’s detox mechanism.

5. It may even strengthen your pelvic floor. “Check with your doctor, but if your pelvic floor is just weak, empty your bladder before jumping and give it a try,” suggests Nissen. “Just the fact that the surface is unstable will be strengthening your core and pelvic floor. I have clients who worry about leaks but the more they bounce, the stronger their pelvic floor becomes.”

6. You’ll finish pumped with feel-good endorphins that leave you grinning like a kid. “Something happens to people when they get on a trampoline,” says Nissen. “They feel that joyous bounce and it overtakes them.”

[Excerpt taken from Red Magazine article, read the full article here


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Interested in finding more about our range of fitness classes?
Classes run every morning and most evenings. The classes are circuit based and cater for all levels of ability and fitness. Just one hour of low impact training on the trampolines will help you burn up to 1000 calories. Our knowledgeable instructors will take you through a fun warm-up and teach you skills that are perfect to get you fit while you have fun.

How much do classes cost?
Classes cost £10 for a single class, but if buy a multi pass you can save cash.

10 Class Multi-pass: £85 per person
20 Class Multi-pass: £160 per person
3 months unlimited: £200 per person
6 months unlimited: £375 per person
Annual fitness pass: £700 or £65 per month payable by direct debit.(per person)

How do I book?
You need to book your slot in advance for each class and we use a different booking system for the fitness classes, so be sure to book here rather than our main booking button.

Cancellations are allowed up to 24 hours before your booking and must be made over the telephone. Cancellations after this time will not be refunded and will be deducted from your multi-pass. Please arrive 15 minutes early. Unfortunately we do not have shower facilities or changing rooms so you’ll need to arrive dressed ready to go.