High Wycombe Park Attractions

The Main Court

Our Main Court has over 40 interconnected trampolines including angled bed where you can practice all your favourite moves.

High Performance

Combined with our stunt walls, our High Performance Arena is a go-to for gymnasts, tumblers, parkour experts and tricksters. Giving you everything you need to take your trampoline park experience to the next level, master the fanciest freestyle flips and tricks at our indoor trampoline park.

Height Restricted Activity: Users must be taller than 1.25m to use this facility and must only do so having been properly and appropriately trained.

Rush Arena

Our first-of-a-kind multi-sport arena is our latest activity at Rush Birmingham and Rush High Wycombe trampoline park.

Perfect for five-a-side football, target games, penalty shootouts. Our new pitch also comes with a 13.5m air-track spring floor – making it great for tricking and gymnastics.

Drop Slide

Hold on tight as you climb higher and higher above the park and get ready for the thrill of your life!

An exciting addition for thrill-seekers of all ages at Rush Trampoline Park in High Wycombe; confront your fear of heights as you’re winched 7m (23 feet in the air) and get ready for an incredible rush! Enjoy a unique bird’s eye view of the park below before letting go when you’re ready…

The ultimate ride for speed-demons and adrenaline junkies, buy your tickets in advance online or whilst at the park.

Dare to drop?

Prices: £3.50 for 2 go’s

Customer Notice: Dropslide suitable for ages 4 plus. Customers will be provided with a safety suit before riding.

Rush Wipeout

Putting your hand-eye coordination and agility to the test, the Rush Wipeout is guaranteed to challenge you as you duck under or jump over the rotating arms. Think you’ve passed the test? Think again!

The Rush Wipeout is seriously addictive and much harder than it looks! Take your eye off the ball for a moment and you could be knocked off your feet as the rotating arms speed up. Access to the Wipeout is included in your open jump session.

Height Restricted Activity: you must be 1.25m in height to use the Rush Wipeout.


We’ve taken dodgeball to a whole new level with our dodgeball trampolines…

The rules are simple: grab a ball, pick a side and start jumping. Once you’re hit by a ball you’re out! Bounce from side to side to leap out of the way of incoming balls, or use your added height advantage to catch your opponent out as part of your open jump session.

Let the games begin!

Assault Course

It’s time to put your skills to the test on our awesome Adrenaline Rush Assault Course. Jump, leap, climb and swing your way to victory on our one-of-a-kind obstacle assault course. Our assault course combines elements of parkour, climbing and rope equipment all with a soft foam landing.

Customer Safety Notice:
There are no height or age limits for our assault course, however if customers can’t reach the higher obstacles they need to be skipped. You are not permitted to lift customers so they can reach obstacles as this increases the height fallen and increases the risk of injury.


Thanks to our innovative hydraulic height-adjustable basketball net everyone can feel the rush of soaring to the hoop and nailing their slam dunk! Once you’ve mastered the dunk, challenge yourself further by trying to get the ball in the net backwards.

Battle beam

Take on your friends, family members or colleagues in an epic one-on-one duel on our battle beam, surrounded by a giant foam pit to break your fall at Rush indoor trampoline park.

The key to success on our Battle Beam is to keep your balance while you take shots at your opponent. Keep your eyes on your opponent as they swing their foam beam towards you, causing you to lose your balance.

Tumble Lanes

The perfect place practice your gymnastic and tumbling skills, you’ll LOVE our tumble lanes!

Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned gymnast or British Champion (we get a few of those), you will love our super-long tumble lanes. Our unique wavy tumble lane at our Birmingham trampoline park and super long lanes at our High Wycombe trampoline park are part of what makes Rush a leap above the rest for our customers!

Time to show off your skills…

Ruby & Red Soft Play

Ruby and Red’s Soft Play is a giant space-themed soft play adventure perfectly designed for children aged 1 – 10.

Filled with slides, climbing areas, look-outs, ball pits, swings and more, Ruby and Red’s at Rush is High Wycombe’s state-of-the-art soft play.

Prices start as little as £3.50!