Foam Pit | Rush UK

Feel a rush as you jump, flip, twist or vault into our pit.

We have now implemented air bags on top of our foam pits to ensure a much safer environment for our customers and a deeper clean by our Covid-busters clean team.

What would you do if you knew you wouldn't fall? For Rush trampoline park customers, our foam airbag pit and diving boards are the perfect place to try something new. Tackle your fear of heights or free fall into the foam below.

Knowing that a pit of softness is suspended below, our foam airbag pit gives you the confidence to jump with abandon and feel the freedom that comes with true weightlessness.

Bounce high before you leap off the end of the board. Practise your gymnastic, tumbling or parkour moves or just take a run and jump and enjoy the ride!

"My son had the best time ever. We came for a party and very impressed with how well it all went. Our host, Andre, was really good and fun to have around. We will definitely come back again." - Google My Business Reviewer

Questions and answers...

Yes. Everyone who jumps is required to sign a waiver. Those under 18 should have their parent or legal guardian sign their waiver. Permission by phone or email is not sufficient. Where you are not the legal parent or guardian of a child, you must have been granted permission by their parent/guardian to assume responsibility for their child and release of liability agreement on their behalf.
Rush has a number of lockers available for valuables. These are offered on a first-come, first served basis. Your property is left in these lockers entirely at your own risk.
For Open Jump, wear comfortable clothes that you can easily bounce around in. For fitness classes, dodgeball sessions and the more energetic activities we advise you to wear sportswear. No sharp objects such as belt buckles or clothing studs are allowed on trampolines. All jumpers must wear Rush non-slip trampoline socks while jumping. No jewellery is permitted while jumping.
Yes, backflips are allowed on our main courts, flat tumble lane and high performance area. For health and safety purposes, backflips are not permitted in the foam pit, battle beam, dodgeball courts, basketball hoop lanes, wavy tumble lane (at Rush Birmingham) or over pads. Gainers are not permitted at Rush at any time. Front and back flips are not permitted on wipeout and trapeze. As always, we would only encourage those who have been properly trained to attempt complex moves.

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