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Birmingham Adrenaline Rush Assault Course

Challenge Course at Rush UK Tramponline Park

Meet the Adrenaline Rush Assault Course , the extreme four-stage obstacle course that tests even the best trained competitors at Rush Birmingham!

Our adrenaline-fuelled Adrenaline Rush course is made up of 10 unique elements designed to challenge your strength, work your stamina, and push you to your very limits.

Do you have what it takes to make it round?

Here at Rush Birmingham we believe that competition is healthy. Look out for our monthly challenges to see if YOU can top our leader board.

Adrenaline Rush Assault Course , not for the faint-hearted.

Safety Notice: There is currently no height or age limit for the assault course, however if customers can’t reach the higher obstacles like the monkey bars they need to be skipped. You are not permitted to lift customers so they can reach obstacles as this increases the height fallen and increase the risk of injury.