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Customers With Special Needs

We are delighted to welcome those with special needs at Rush. For safety reasons we strongly advise that all customer with special needs should avoid our peak busy times (weekends, bank holidays and school holidays) but encourage them to visit us during our off peak times.

We offer discounted rates for those with Special Needs during these off peak times detailed below. Please note, however, that these sessions are not exclusively for special needs customers only. You may be bouncing with other customers during these times and loud music will be playing, so do keep this in mind.

School Term Time Only

Special Needs Schools and Community Groups can join us from Monday to Friday 12pm – 3pm. During these times, carers jump for free and special needs customers can an enjoy a price discount.

Customers with special needs are invited to jump with us from Monday to Friday from 12pm-6pm at the following rates:

  • Carers go free with proof of ID
  • 50% off for an accompanying adult without proof that they are a registered carer (£6pp)
  • 50% off for customers with special needs (£6pp)

In addition, as a minimum we plan to offer an exclusive 1hr session for customers with special needs once a month.

We will announce these sessions in due course on social media and on our website.  During these 1 hr sessions customers with special needs will have exclusive access to the park, and the playing of loud music will be avoided.

Carers with proof of registration jump free (proof can include any document or certificate that states that you are a registered carer, e.g. a letter from your GP, carer cards or letters showing you are in receipt of carers allowance or disability living allowance).

To book or if you have any specific questions, please call our Birmingham team on 0121 726 8500.