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Trampolining: the UK’s Most Popular Fitness Trend

A few years ago, trampolining was touted as the latest fitness craze as the first trampoline parks opened in the UK. Some called it a craze because they didn’t think it would last – however, there are now 120 trampoline parks across the nation, visited by millions of adults and children each year. Rush UK launched in High Wycombe and due to incredible success, opened Rush Birmingham less than twelve months later. Trampolining is surely the UK’s most popular fitness trend, and it isn’t going anywhere.

girl bouncing on trampoline oudoors

Gone are the days when trampolining was just for gymnasts or toddlers playing in the back garden. Everybody wants to try the bounce workout and with good reason – it is suitable for all ages and all bodies, even those with joint problems. Trampolining burns calories but most of all, it is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

Trampolining is definitely back in style. Remember last year’s John Lewis Christmas advert? It featured a very cute bouncing boxer dog – and apparently caused a surge in online searches for trampolines. So why is it suddenly such a popular movement? Here are some reasons why trampolining has become the nation’s favourite physical activity.


Trampolines, especially those provided in trampoline parks, are extremely versatile so you can practice a range of movements on them. If you just want to bounce lightly for half an hour to get in your weekly exercise then that’s fine, but there’s a world of opportunities. Learn how to somersault and improve your balance, try out the extreme aerial basketball and dodgeball games, or join in a trampoline fitness class to feel the burn and take your workout to the next level.

No skill or fitness level required

The best thing about trampolining is that it’s a perfect workout for beginners. Anyone can get on a trampoline and start jumping! It can be difficult for some people to get into sports or certain fitness classes when they don’t have any experience and feel embarrassed. When you visit a trampoline park, it’s really easy to get into the bounce.

Low impact exercise

If certain exercises are too tough on the joints, such as running or ball sports, then trampolining offers a safe alternative. Bouncing on a trampoline is a low impact activity and takes the pressure off muscles and joints while still providing a full body cardio workout. Did you know a ten minute bounce burns more calories than a 30 minute jog?!

Mood booster

Exercising releases endorphins which can instantly reduce stress and improve your mood. Trampolining has been proven to be a great mood booster because it’s great fun and allows you to feel like a child again.

Come down to Rush and experience the biggest fitness craze of 2017.