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Top ways to Spend Your Birthday with Friends

Are you celebrating your birthday soon? If so, isn’t it time you did something new and different in exchange for a few pints at the local pub? Going for a meal with friends and family can be a nice way to celebrate, but if you fancy something more exciting then this article is for you.

Your birthday only comes around once a year – so forget the boring and predictable celebrations. Plan to do something you’ve never tried before or go somewhere special for new experiences. It’s time to get your friends together and have a mini-adventure. If you need some inspiration, we’ve put some ideas together for you!

Here are some great ways to celebrate your birthday with your mates.

Treetop Rope Adventure

Nestled in the trees at loads of locations around the UK sits adventure courses waiting to be explored. Treetop rope adventures include rope courses, assault courses and zip lines for a canopy journey of fun. Age isn’t a factor here, you just have to be able to climb!

Trampoline Activity Park

Unless you’ve tried it, you won’t know how much fun is to be had at a trampoline park. In addition to jumping as high as you can and trying the latest tricks, there is also lots of other activities to try at Rush. Have a go on the extreme adrenaline assault course or challenge your friends to the battle beam. If you have a big group you can split up and get competitive in a game of dodgeball or basketball with added bounce.


Have a need for speed? Head to your nearest go-karting track for a thrilling day out behind the wheel. There’s nothing like whizzing around a track trying to beat your mates – it beats driving a car any day.

Theme Park

Now who says that theme parks are just for kids? People of all ages can enjoy a day out at a theme park, and a birthday is a perfect excuse to make the journey. If you’re an adrenaline junkie you’ll want to visit the parks with the most exhilarating roller-coasters and rides, so do some research before you decide which one to visit.

Wine Tasting

If you’re planning a more sophisticated celebration, then how about a wine tasting session at a vineyard or a wine and cheese pairing experience? It’s a great way to treat yourself for getting another year older!

How would you like to spend your birthday? Let us know.