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Teambuilding Exercises that are Actually Fun!

Corporate teambuilding is a must for companies of all sizes, but a day away from the office isn’t always greatly anticipated. From boring exercises to away days at sporting events you have no interest in, some employees dread teambuilding events. It’s hard to please everyone so choosing a teambuilding day which the whole workforce will enjoy is a difficult task.

team of people fist bumping

Why organise teambuilding events?

Teambuilding has many purposes, from introducing new work teams to boosting staff morale. If you want employees to stay engaged and feel happy at the organisation, then you need to show them they are valued and take care of their wellbeing. Some businesses organise R&R spa days, while others arrange physical activities which can improve health while encouraging team bonding.

When done right, teambuilding can forge strong corporate relationships and create a happy and productive workforce – which has an impact on the bottom line. While you might not want to invest in teambuilding, you should see an improvement in production and revenue which makes it worthwhile.

Fun teambuilding exercises

Once you’ve established a need for a teambuilding event and the outcomes you wish to achieve, it’s time to decide on an activity. You won’t make your staff feel respected or valued with a round of golf at the local course or a homemade sports day in the office. Part of the excitement is going somewhere new, having fun and maybe learning a new skill. If teambuilding is boring and unenjoyable then you’re wasting your time and won’t see any of the associated benefits. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Trampoline park and assault course

Get your staff exercising by having fun trampolining at Rush UK. There’s so much to do here that you could start a circuit with the whole team – from playing extreme dodgeball to taking on the adrenaline-fuelled obstacle course and battle beam. After working up a sweat on the trampolines, head to a private room for refreshments and an awards ceremony for the winners of the corporate teambuilding day!

Treasure hunt

Organise an outdoor treasure hunt so colleagues have to work together using maps or GPS devices to find clues and solve a puzzle. Treasure hunts are fun regardless of age, and there are teambuilding companies who can organise large scale outdoor events of this kind if you don’t have the time.

Murder mystery

Who will solve the case first? Nothing is more intriguing than a murder mystery, and staff will have to use logic and reasoning skills to become detectives for the day in order to find out who the murderer is.

Make sure employees look forward to the annual teambuilding event by choosing something unique and fun. Get in touch with our events team for more details.