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Rush Proves Exercise can be Fun for the Whole Family

With childhood obesity rates once again on the rise, and 80% of adults not exercising enough, now is the time to make a change for your health. Research has proven that inactivity or a lack of exercise can be as harmful as smoking, contributing to fatal illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. So when will Britain get off the couch?!

Lifestyles need to seriously change if we want to live longer and feel better. If parents are physically active and take an interest in their personal health, then children are more likely to follow suit. It’s time to start leading by example, and it’s easier than you think when fitness is as fun as it is at Rush.

fitness-classes-newsHere at Rush, we’re all about making exercise a fun activity for the whole family. Trampoline parks aren’t just for kids, and jumping up and down is a great social activity that burns calories. We welcome hundreds of families every day, and love to see people of all ages enjoying keeping active on the trampolines.

Here’s a taster of some of the fun activities for children and adults at Rush Birmingham:

Slam Dunk Basketball – Fly through the air like Michael Jordan on our basketball courts. You’ll be able to elevate your skills to new heights by playing basketball with a twist.

Rush Wipeout – challenge the family to a game of wipeout to see who will be King or Queen of the house for the day! You’ll have to jump over or duck under the beam as it moves faster and faster – you’ll have to be agile!

Extreme Dodgeball – try your hand at dodgeball like you’ve never seen it before. Use the angled trampolines to smash aerial shots at your opponents!

Family Fitness Tips

We understand it’s not always easy to get motivated and want to take part in exercise, and it’s also difficult to motivate kids when they just want to play video kids. We think Rush has a huge array of exciting activities for all ages, but if you’re still struggling to find fitness fun for the whole family here’s a few tips.Image of Mother-Daughter Excercise

Let the kids choose

Ask the children to decide which physical activity they would like to do each night. If they are involved in picking the activity they will want to participate more. You could take it in turns in the family to choose the exercise.

Try something new

Perhaps the reason you or your child doesn’t like working out is because you’ve not found the right activity you enjoy. Try something new until you find something you can get passionate about.

Ditch the car

Try and use other methods of transport such as walking or cycling instead of driving everywhere – just a 10 minute walk can count towards your daily activity goal.