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Trampoline Park Safety – Our Promise to You

Rush Trampoline parks are committed to providing fantastic, fun-filled and most importantly safe activities for all the family. A day out at Rush is something to look forward to, but as with all physical activities there is always a small risk of an accident or injury.


Our job is to reduce that risk, and we ensure participants are jumping safely at all times. We have a dedicated health and safety policy designed to ensure our activities are as safe as possible, and we follow relevant industry guidance and legislation which is designed with safety in mind. We have a responsible attitude to safety – but it’s also important that our visitors do too.


Find out more about our safety procedures below, and what you can do to reduce your chances of getting hurt.

How can I stay safe?

Follow these steps to keep yourself and others safe within the park.

  • Watch the safety video – The video is designed to inform everyone jumping in the park the rules and the safety measures in place. It’s only a few minutes long so please pay attention


  • Follow our rules – the rules are in the safety video, displayed around the park and are regularly reviewed. They are there to keep you safe and inform you of how to best use the numerous fun elements in the park.


  • If you break our rules expect to be spoken to by one of our jump team. We operate a yellow and red card system. If you break the rules and receive a yellow card you could be asked to watch the safety video again. Two yellows or a red card and you’ll to be asked to leave the trampoline area. Safety is our priority which is why we must remove people who continuously break the rules and put others at risk.


  • Listen to our jump team – we want everyone to have a fantastic time at Rush. The jump team are all trained to pick up on unsafe jumping and have knowledge of potentially unsafe situations.


  • Know your own limits – jumping on a trampoline is a strenuous activity. Everyone has a different ability level. Only jump within your own ability level. Factors like age and your own physical health can influence your jumping ability, so don’t just copy what everyone is doing as they may have more training and physical capability than you!


Despite our hard efforts, unfortunately accidents can happen, which is why we also have a rigorous accident response policy. We have first aiders on site ready to attend to any injuries, and also follow up with anyone who has an accident within the park.


We believe our stringent safety procedures are among the best in trampoline parks across the UK. We look forward to welcoming you to our safe and exciting activity arena!