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New Year, New Hobby

January is the perfect time for new beginnings – so why not start the year with a new hobby? If you haven’t yet found the perfect New Year resolution or just want to make a general commitment for more ‘me time,’ then finding a new pastime could be the answer. If you’re focusing on self-improvement for 2017, then discovering a new hobby could open up a wealth of opportunities and change your life for the better. Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of these popular hobbies which will make you feel like you’re spending your free time more productively.

Active Hobbies

Kill two birds with one stone by choosing a hobby which will boost your active lifestyle. If you want to feel fitter and healthier in 2017, then choosing a fun hobby which also burns calories is the best way forward.

Sports team – if you’d like a social hobby then why not join a local sports team? From tennis and squash to golf and running clubs, you’ll be able to make new friends while staying fit and healthy. It also gives you that extra motivation to keep it up!

Trampolining – if you really struggle with going to the gym or exercising, then you should try something more fun. Going to a trampoline park once a week is a great way to relieve stress and release endorphins, and it’s even better with family and friends.

Yoga – if you want to keep your body and your mind healthy, then yoga is for you. The ancient practice will tone you up and make you more flexible, while clearing your mind of daily tensions.

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Craft Hobbies/ Other Ideas

If you already have an active lifestyle, how about learning some new skills? If you master a craft you could even start up your own home business.

Sewing or Knitting – try your hand at needlework and see what you could produce. Something handmade is always more appreciated than something bought from a store. From blankets to jumpers and woolly hats, if you start learning now you could kit out the entire family next winter.

Candle making – everybody loves candles, so why not try and make your own scents? There are a few different techniques to try.

Learn a language – keep your brain active by learning a second or third language. Sign up for a local class or if you’d prefer to spend some alone time, you can always use an app or audiobook at home.

Happy New Year from everyone at Rush!