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Fun Fitness Activities to try this Winter

When it’s cold and dark outside, we all know how difficult it is to get out of bed for a morning workout. However, exercise is really important at this time of year to keep us healthy and fight off winter bugs and seasonal depression. If you’re not sure how to improve your fitness, try these fun activities which will keep your mental and physical health in great form this winter.

woman doing yoga pose on pink map

Rebound fitness

Rebounding is the latest fitness craze to sweep the nation and with good reason – it’s fun and it’s a great workout! It allows you to bounce yourself to a fitand healthy body, as it burns calories and works all of your muscles. The trampoline-based classes combine high intensity interval training, cardiovascular activity, strength exercises and core conditioning. You’ll soon see results and it’s much more fun than the gym! If you attend a class why not let the kids jump at Rush on the trampolines while you burn some serious calories?

Dance fitness

If you haven’t tried a dance fitness class yet then where have you been? Zumba took the world by storm a few years ago and has been followed by a number of dance based fitness trends. If you love working out to music and want to learn some new moves to show off on the dance floor, this is the activity for you. Get a ballerina body in Barre Core or improve your strength at a pole dance class.


Yoga is a great activity for winter because it keeps the muscles active and supple in the cold weather whilst also being great for the mind. There are so many different yoga fitness classes to choose from, including hatha yoga, meditation yoga and hot yoga (which is a great way to warm up on those extra chilly days).


This mat-based class is similar to yoga as it works on strengthening the muscles, balance, core and flexibility. Pilates was invented in the 1920s and many professional dancers practice the exercises as a complementary training technique.


If you like rock climbing, bouldering or hardcore obstacle races then you may just fall in love with parkour or freerunning. It’s all about jumping over obstacles and launching yourself off railings and buildings – so not for the faint hearted but great if you seek adrenaline! You can practice this indoors or outdoors, and it may be recognised in the 2020 Olympics.

Are you ready to get fit for the winter? Keep those extra pounds off by sticking to a fitness regime.