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Best Tips for Learning How to Tumble

Doesn’t everyone wish they could master the art of tumbling and impress their friends with jaw-dropping moves? Some people seem to be able to flip with ease while others struggle with a cartwheel. Tumbling requires power, strength and flexibility so you won’t be able to master it overnight. Many people want to learn how to do tumble moves, from breakdancers to gymnasts.

foam pit at rush uk trampoline park high wycombe

Whether you want to practice your tumbling for the cheer team, progress in gymnastics or just learn a cool party trick, take a look at our tips for learning how to tumble.

  1. Preparing the body

Tumbling can be very demanding on the body – it combines flexibility, strength, coordination and agility. It can also be very dangerous for people who aren’t at a certain fitness level and have not tried any of the basic movements before. If you’re serious about learning to tumble properly, you’ll have to make sure your body is ready.

You can do some exercises which will prepare the muscles in your body for the dynamic action of tumbling. It’s important to increase flexibility as well as improve strength in the back, arms and legs. Attending strength conditioning classes can help, and you should also undertake stretching regularly for your back, shoulders and legs.

  1. Safe practice

If you go to a gymnasium they might have beginner classes in tumbling. This is the safest way to begin, so a professional coach can guide you through the basics and ensure you won’t hurt yourself. However, some people find it a daunting experience even with the safety mats underneath them.

Another way to practice tumbling which is still safe is at a trampoline park. The springs from the trampolines can aid you as you learn, giving you extra power and height in your jumps and turns. At Rush we even have trampoline tumble lanes and foam pits for you to experiment with your tumbling, whatever level you’re at. Tumbling on trampolines is really fun as well as safe!

A kid tumbling in front of a Rush instructor

  1. Time for technique

With such a rigorous and technical sport, it’s important you learn how to tumble correctly. This means you’ll have to pay close attention to your form and technique, to limit your chances of injury. Look for expert tuition to make sure you’re learning even the basic skills correctly. Learning to tumble with a qualified gymnast at Rush is one of the safest ways to get into the sport.

Happy tumbling!