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3 Reasons to Love a British Bank Holiday BBQ

It’s a British tradition that goes back years, because everybody loves a good BBQ! Simple delicious food, kids playing in the garden and the community coming together – what’s not to like? Bank holiday weekends are very popular for BBQs and garden parties, so most people can enjoy a day of rest after the busy social event! Unless you’re going on holiday, attending a bank holiday BBQ is surely the best way to spend the weekend.

We’ve put together some top reasons why we all love a British bank holiday BBQ. Get in touch with us on social media if you have any more!

  1. Have fun whatever the weather

It might be hot right now, but we all know what the weather forecast usually looks like for bank holiday weekends. However, nothing dampens the British BBQ spirit! The good thing about this country is that we’re prepared for all types of weather, because we have to be! A gazebo or a strategically placed BBQ will keep the food dry and guests are quite happy in the conservatory or kitchen while it’s wet outside. You never know though – we might just get lucky with some sunshine this May bank holiday!

  1. Sizzling sensations

There’s something about food from a BBQ…it just tastes so much better! Yes we might eat sausages, burgers and steaks on a regular basis but it’s certainly more delicious when it’s sizzling straight from the outdoor grill. It’s not just the meat that tastes delightful when barbequed, think about halloumi and corn on the cob too. We don’t often get to enjoy food cooked in this way, so it’s a novelty for us Brits.

  1. Giant garden games

A British BBQ is about more than the food and drink, as there is usually some form of entertainment too. From party hats and streamers to garden games, a British party lasts all day and well into the evening. If it’s warm then it’s great to play giant garden games such as Jenga or limbo. It can be even more amusing after a few Pimms’!

Do you feel like enjoying a great family BBQ this upcoming bank holiday weekend? Why not join us down at Rush for our family fun weekend. On Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May, we’ll be grilling on the BBQ from 12pm-5pm and there are loads of things to get involved in including face painting, giant games and a raffle. Come rain or shine it will be a fun family day out. Simply book your jump session on your chosen date to be a part of it.