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3 New Year Resolutions you can stick to

It’s that time of year again when you need to take a step back, look at your life and how you can make positive changes. Many of us make New Year’s Resolutions every single year but how many people actually stick with it past January? The Daily Mail reports that a quarter of resolutions are broken within the very first week of the New Year – so where are we going wrong?

Psychologists think it is because the resolutions we make are far too ambitious and therefore unrealistic. An instant transformation in lifestyle or appearance just isn’t possible, so we need to be more content with less ambitious goals is we want to succeed. The majority of people set a resolution and feel guilty in February for failing; make 2017 the year of success by choosing a different goal you know you can achieve. We’ve put together some ideas if you’re in need of inspiration.

  1. I promise to get fitter

Many resolutions are made in relation to health – to lose weight, to build muscle, to be able to run a marathon, to go the gym five times a week. Whatever fitness goal you decide on, make sure that you’re not going to fall off the band wagon. Will it always be possible to work out five times a week? Are you really going to lose a stone every month, or is it more feasible to set a target weight for next Christmas?


Something more general, like a resolution to become fitter, could be a better goal. It is not as measurable as weight loss, but with a new fitness regime you’ll be able to feel and notice the difference in yourself. It could be something as simple as taking up hiking and challenging yourself each month to a higher peak, or joining a fitness class and improving your stamina. If you struggle to find fitness fun, try a new kind of fitness class at Rush.

  1. I promise to live a healthier lifestyle

There are many elements to being healthy and you may have a certain area to focus on – giving up smoking, improving your diet or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink. If you want to make these positive changes then it’s all about adapting your lifestyle. Find fun activities to take part in with friends which don’t involve going to the pub, or find a good cook book with some delicious healthy recipes.

  1. I promise to work or study hard to achieve my career goals

You may want to choose a resolution which focuses on your long term aspirations. Are you determined to get that promotion? Always dreamed of working abroad? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to apply to university but other things in life have got in the way. Make 2017 the year to make your personal goals become a reality.

Whatever New Year resolution you make, good luck and stay focused!